Picked up our daughter Kaelyn from college last Saturday, so Baya had to add a new member to her pack.  Kaelyn currently has to work her way up the hierarchy. Baya proved to be a good traveller as she survived about 7 hours in the car that day without any side effects except for working off a little excess energy after we returned home.

She has started herding the two younger cats, and she and the older Siamese have decided on a mutual standoff for the most part(with some stare-downs). 

Had started working on sit at home when giving her treats so that I would have fingers left after giving them to her, and it showed when we went to our first Puppy class last night.  Being a Corgi, if there are treats involved, she will do pretty much anything you ask, even before you ask!   The biggest problem is to getting her to stop doing it so you can ask her to do it again.  She definitely also recognizes her name.  She is the smallest dog in the class, the next smallest being a French bulldog puppy who definitely outweighs her.  About half the class is black labs, and we don't go by them.

We will be making a final decision on our MIniature American (Australian) Shepherd puppy this weekend and bringing it home next weekend.  Then we start the vet visits and puppy class again!  Baya will be moving to the advanced puppy class as the younger dog starts the beginning class.

All in all, our home has been a much livelier place since Baya moved in.  She has given us many moments of happiness, laughter, and yes, some frustration as she so cleverly roots out things that she is not supposed to find. 

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Comment by Jane Christensen on May 30, 2012 at 8:05pm

Life will be interesting...and busy:) Glad Baya is doing well:)

Comment by Sam Tsang on May 30, 2012 at 5:32pm

Please make sure you have at least $3K emergency Vet fund  (2 pups)

Comment by Sam Tsang on May 30, 2012 at 5:30pm

Two puppies at the same time is a VERY brave adventure, solid structure, same rules all across the family will go a long way. You'll find most answers in the FAQ. Good luck!

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