Got back yesterday from an overnight trip to Iowa.  Got to stay in a hotel room and everything!  Everything went pretty smoothly, we ride quietly in the care with a seat belt harness on.  We stayed in a hotel room, and found there was another corgi there!  (In the mirror.)  It was too hot to try to find a restaurant where we could eat outside, so we got to visit with the Chinese food delivery person and be adored by her and one of my daughter's friends.

Baya had her nose to the ground all the time outside, trying to figure out who and what had been where.  She could even figure out our room by scent after a trip or two.

We made some noise once in a while,but didn't get any complaints.  If you ever need a place to stay in Ames with pets, the Park University Best Western is great.  They will allow you to stay in any type of room, with only a $10 surcharge.  There is plenty of grass for dogwalking, and they even have a baggie stand outside.

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Comment by Norine Olson on July 1, 2012 at 5:47pm

We took a few days off from work , and like to eat breakfast at places we can eat outside with the puppies.  yesterday we went to Bruegger's and there were some guys there with their Harleys.  they noticed the puppies but didn't interact until we were leaving.  one of them was a pretty big guy who really liked Baya.  it was funny to see the big biker dude with the little corgi puppy in his arms.

Comment by Jane Christensen on June 29, 2012 at 6:58pm

All right Baya:) You always were the little social butterfly! Nice to know about the motel also.

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