I'm pretty sure this is a corgi. 

I watch the TV show, Friends.  And in the back of Central Perk on certain seasons, there is a painting with this dog.  I searched online, and the artist never specifies what kind of dog but I (and I'm sure you will) believe it is corgi.

But anyway, just thought I would share. 

Hopefully we will get out on the trails again tomorrow as it's been dry most of the day today.  Scout has turned out to be a great trail dog.  She mostly stays really close to me (unless a squirrel calls her name) and comes to me for her leash if I want her to.  She loves wading in the water but has never gotten in deep enough to swim.  We have the basic need to know commands down (come, sit, stay, side (heel), lay down) and are trying to start on more trick-type commands.

It's amazing how much she now depends on me, after only 3+ months with her and with the fact that she survived without me for 5 years.  She is always at my side (or on my lap) and watches every move I make through the day. And on the flipside, I feel like something is missing if I go any length of time (like I did a couple of weekends ago) without her.

I'm thankful that things just fell into place like they did and  I ended up with a great friend and companion. She makes me laugh daily (if not more) and brightens my day in so many more ways.  This, and much more, is what my corgi has done for me!

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Comment by Emily & Scout on March 10, 2011 at 6:44pm
Thanks Sam.  I didn't think to check youtube.
Comment by Sam Tsang on March 10, 2011 at 6:24pm

Sorry Emily, the famous blue dog's real name is "Tiffany" and her actual colour is black and white, a cross between a cocker spaniel and terrier. Here's a documentary that tells the story. ( I so wish she was a corgi too :)

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