Okay, it's prob'ly too early to worry about this.

Last week, M'hijito boarded his ridiculously overbred Golden Retriever, Charley, at my house because he had the doggywobbles.

This was attributed to his having eaten a paper towel whilst counter-surfing. (Please...do NOT get me started!). Since said G.R. showed no serious signs of doggy diarrhea (maybe a little loose u-no-whats but no galloping urgency), I figured the kid was right about the paper-towel ingestion, and I went outside and offered thanks to the Goddess of the Blue Skies that the bird-brained bird dog did not develop an impaction...(I mean, really, do NOT do NOT get me started).

Exit allegedly sickly dog.

Enter corgi who decides, bizarrely, that food is not at the top of her list of desiderata. This is not good. This is sooo totally not good.

Being a corgi, Cassie is an enthusiastic consumer of food. To be off her feed is to elicit an alarming sign. The human's hair stands on end, that's how alarming it is.

I wonder if it was not the paper towel that gave Charley the trots, but possibly a passing virus that he has...kindly...passed to Cassie.

Meanwhile, Cassie continues lively. Balls are chased, humans are nagged, barking is barked, walks are taken (although we begin to lobby to turn back about halfway through a typical mile-long course). I don't know whether she's sick. But the food refusal scares the bedoodles out of me.

What's your experience with "off her (or his) feed"? Is this alarming enough to shlep to the vet, all other things remaining the same? Or can I safely wait for a few days to see what happens? Any advice on how to help the canine tummy to feel better?

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Comment by Vicky Hay on February 20, 2014 at 12:07pm

She seems somewhat better today. Last night she ate an entire meal, and this morning she also scarfed down her breakfast.

She has had a LITTLE bit of doggy-wobbles over the past few days...nothing very serious, but not her usual normal dog mounds. She must have picked up a little bit of a bug somewhere. We decided to lay off the doggy walks for a day or two, so she would rest (uhm...to the extent that she's capable of resting), and put her on a bland diet of hamburger and oatmeal (out of rice and out of money, so it'll be awhile before the humans and dog can refresh the larder -- but oatmeal doesn't seem to disagree with her).

She's SUCH a healthy little dog that it's kind of startling when anything out of the ordinary happens.

Comment by Jane T. (& Griffin) on February 20, 2014 at 12:44am

Yes, I give Griffin small meals of steamed chicken and rice when his stomach is upset.  I also gave him Probiotics after he took various meds for allergies.  The meds helped with his constant scratching but screwed up his digestion. 

Comment by Beth on February 18, 2014 at 6:40pm

You have to know your dog.   Growing up, we always had dogs who would occasionally not eat for a day or two and were fine.   The ones I have now?  If they did not eat for more than 2 meals I would be at the vet.   

Comment by Yuki & Ellie on February 18, 2014 at 5:25pm

Sometimes my two (Corgi and American Eskimo Dog) will be disinterested in food if they have a bit of an upset stomach.  As long as it hasn't been going on for days I don't really worry too much about it.  If you really get worried and want to entice her to eat, you could try putting her on a bland (but oh-so-tasty to dogs) diet of boiled meat (ground beef, ground turkey, etc.) and rice for a day or two.  Don't go too long with it, though, as you may create a picky eater.  ;-)  As long as there are no other signs of illness, such as lethargy, fever, or vomiting, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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