Corgi ownership if the owner is wheelchair bound

good friends of mine are getting a 6 month old female Pem today. One of the owners is wheelchair bound sometimes with a respirator. Long time Corgi fans, and previous Corgi owner, but he was healthier then.

I wonder is it okay to spray bitter Apple on the outside of plastic medical tubes so the dog will not chew on it?

I am excited for them because I know how much Rusty, now Chloe have enriched my life.

Any thoughts?

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Comment by Sarah C. on January 23, 2010 at 6:55pm
Since someone is always near the tubing it'll probably easier to train then training your puppy not to chew things that are stationary when you're not around. :3
Comment by Sky and Lyla on January 23, 2010 at 6:37pm
Bitter Apple might work, although I've heard of strange dogs that seem to like it. I think the most important thing for them to do is teach a good "leave it" command. Let the dog sniff the wheelchair/respirator, and maybe even good treats while she does. Chances are high she's never been socialized to these things, so it is important for her to know they are okay and good things. But if she starts to try to chew (which I acutally doubt she probably will as long as she knows what things are okay to chew, aka, lots of chew toys for her) that's when you can use a "leave it."

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