Well, I figure I'll get it out now...

Life...an ever moving, ever changing motion some would say.

I'm currently working on rehoming my one dog...thankfully I've found a rescue organization that is no kill and will take her.

She is a good dog and really the only issue I do have with her is she is highly food agressive and attention agressive. Jazmin won't eat now unless one of the family is downstairs because of this, and its sad because even in their crates seporated all Annabelle has to do is see Jazmin near her food bowl and the barking, growling and biting at the cage bars begins and the same follows with any kind of attention. I've worked with it as far as I can and so have 2 trainers thus far without sucess, or even phasing the behavior any.

Lets fast forward...

Looking towards getting a pup for Jazmin, it would be a benifit to both her and the remainder of the house hold as I'm making it a project that oddly enough my brother whom hasn't really taken any interest in household/life stuff is taking an active part in the pup. So all around this should be a good thing, though...
I'm going to be in Lowell MI on the 6'th of March, and I do need a place to crash and or stay for about 4 hours to recharge for the trip back home. The benifit would be a puppy to play with for a few hours and of course my company.


Future Plans...

Well school is still going, I'm crazy busy with that truthfully and hardly have time to even think about what to do, I just do. Family is always supportive however I'm getting tired of being the Technology Support Desk for everyone at whatever hours of the day/night. There are exceptions to this rule and a few times I don't mind but when its every day this gets tiresome. Of course those in the house get this service for free but I've a few feet to walk to my bed when I'm done rather then 2 hours driving time.

Well, that's about it...


Don and Crew

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Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on May 3, 2011 at 12:05am
so sorry you are having to deal with all of this, Im sure it seems overwhelming.  Hope Annabelle finds a great new home.  Sounds like your really busy. Hope things are settling down for you some.
Comment by Don on April 8, 2011 at 3:46am

Today is...well not going to be easy.
The matters at the house between Annabelle and Jazmin have escalated drastically. I'm having to bait Jazmin to eat her food with wet/dry mix now. Annabelle barks constantly if its a bone, treat or even Jazmin eating, it doesn't matter.

I've an appointment to find Annabelle a new home, mixed emotions run thru me at this moment. I'm happy that she is finding a new home however sad that she is going. The orgination is quite well and they do find homes for most of the dogs they work with, given Annabelle's personality she won't have much difficulity in finding a place.


My leave got denied at work ( Go government issues) so will be doing a cannon ball run on my days off. This is good and bad but just throws things in to high gear.

Jazmin is doing better, FRAP'ing around and seems to have no ill effects from the April 1'st ordeal. I've rescently been feeding her in the bedroom and she is now eating a bit faster then before and finishing the whole meal.

I'll keep you'll updated on the status of life, the universe and everything..or something like that.

Comment by Mystic on April 3, 2011 at 10:47am
Wow!  If it's not one thing it's another.  Hope things get better for you and Jazmin, definitely for Annabelle as well.   Biting is never a good..I got seven corgis and 1 or 2 tends to try but I pulling that Grrrrr crap, but I would nip them in the butt instantly by leaping at the one that makes the noise and they stay sane again.  It's more like they are mumbling as they are eating and another walks by. Wish you the best. 

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