Molly is making decent progress with getting used to life at my apartment, we haven't had an accident in 3 days! She also knows how to sit now :) she picked it up in 2 tries. Yay Molly!

We took Molly and savannah to my boyfriends grandparents so Molly could meet their 11 month old husky! Molly, savannah, and shanook the husky had a blast running around the back yard for about 2 hours with overprotective mommies stopping them every so often to drink water and a round of treats for the pups. Once we got the dogs settled down we finally got to sit down and have dinner without having dog noses in our laps. Or on our feet in Molly's case. After dinner, Molly met a cat! And boy was that an adventure. She had never seen a cat up close, so lots of sniffing was in order.when the sniffing was done, Molly got busy with playing with the cats toys while the cat tried to play with Molly.

After fun with the cat, back outside for more play and potty time! I wish I could have gotten a video of them playing, it was so adorable. Shanooks mom and dad always brag about how fast she is and how none of the dogs at the dog park can catch her, so when Molly easily chased after shanook with her little corgi legs, it was a bit of a surprise. I had to explain to them that corgis are herding dogs so Molly can move quickly.

Another quality that Molly has, she LOVES stairs. I never would have thought corgis would like stairs so much, especially Molly because her legs are only about 2.5" long. But when she sees stairs, she tries to climb them, no matter where they are. I live in a 2nd floor apartment, so stairs are inevitable. I let her slowly climb up them making sure she doesn't hurt herself, but never down them. Does anyone else have a stair loving corgi?

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Comment by rae on November 20, 2012 at 1:46pm

afraid of her own bark, cracks me up! you should video that sometime!

we spent a long time integrating the two cats together (they're 3 years apart) so we figured similar approach for the puppy.  plus, the puppy will almost never be upstairs on the top floor so there are plenty of places for the cats to get some alone time.

Comment by manda & molly on November 20, 2012 at 12:48pm
I've also read that they shouldn't use stairs, but it takes Molly 10 minutes to climb 13 stairs because she takes them so slow. She doesn't like going down them at all, it causes her to bark. Then she gets freaked out because she is afraid of her own bark.

With the cats, I would suggest letting your pup meet them one at a time and hold the animals, so you have control over the situation. Then gradually let them interact together with your pup on a leash so she's in your sight at all times. We have wild cats at our apartment complex, and Molly gets along fine with them as long as they don't startle her.
Comment by Ami and Boo on November 20, 2012 at 11:58am
Omg! I so did not know! Its a good point. I'm a first time Corgi parent so any advice is welcome looks like I need another baby gate!
Comment by rae on November 20, 2012 at 7:46am

I love reading about Molly because we're going to be right there real soon, and it's nice to see a fresh perspective on brand new corgi in the house :)  Also we have 2 cats, so integrating a puppy into a cat household is something we're definitely looking for more information on — people who've done it and lived, with all furballs intact.

We were told to not let corgi pups use stairs at all until they're at least a year old because their bones are still growing/forming and it could cause problems down the line, by our breeder, though.  So when we do get our puppy (2 months, 1 week, 5 days!!!) we're gating off all stair areas or carrying it.

Comment by Ami and Boo on November 20, 2012 at 5:18am
I do! Boo used to be slow going up and I would have to carry her down because the living room is down stairs. One day I wad in the living room getting her leash and checking on my ferrets. She barked and whined cause I wad taking so long. Next thing I know she's on the landing and then running to me! Now she can't get enough but only on the stairs at home for now. :-D

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