Molly has done amazingly the last week! I'm so proud of her!

She had her first large family gathering and she behaved perfectly! Not all of the family was there, it was just adults, so she hasn't had any interaction with children yet. But for thanksgiving we took all of the family dogs to the dog park! Molly had such a great time playing with all of them and exploring all over the park. She also got to play with another herding dog! Mini the border collie was very curious like Molly, but we could tell that mini had never really been in a social situation. She was very jumpy and nervous about meeting other dogs. We had a bit of a fight between Savannah and Mini because Mini jumped up onto a few too many of Savannah's people.

Molly also got to go to the pet store for the first time! While Savannah tried eating everything in sight Molly opted for trying to explore under all of the shelves. Everything went great we let Molly pick out a new toy, which she wouldn't let us carry to the register, she carried it by the tag the whole way. It was so cute.

We got Molly a new cage since her old one was far too big, even when divided up, so we decided to use her larger one as a play pen in the living room so she spends more time with us but less time getting in trouble. Since we brought the old cage out she has done amazing with going to bed at night. She used to whine and bark because we put her in there, but now she just goes to sleep. Last night she was passed out on her back before I even got in bed.

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