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Frequent Flyer Corgi

Molly and I went on our first flight together yesterday, and it was amazing! When we got to the airport, I was prepared for the worst, Molly being too big to fly in cabin. I checked in, and paid for Molly's ticket and no one even looked in her carrier. She isn't too large, shes the right size, but shes poofy, so you never know. I arrived 3 hours early, just in case, so we had time to kill. I took her to the pet relief area and she met a few other pups getting ready for flights. Once she was…


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Molly and I will be making the trip from Texas to Ohio in January! I can't wait for Molly to meet my parents and possibly play in the snow! Does anyone have advice for flying pups? Since Molly is still small, she's going to be flying in cabin so I won't have to go through the stress of being away from her. the flight to Ohio has a 2 hour layover in new York, so the longest period of time she will be flying is 3 hours at the max.

And does anyone in the Houston area have a soft sided… Continue

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17 Weeks :)

It's been super busy in my life right now, I've come down with bronchitis and Molly has developed a tummy problem if she doesn't have a midnight snack.

One morning I woke up to her whining louder and more urgent than she normally does, when I got out of bed she was surrounded by a lake of diarrhea (she has NEVER pooped in her cage, or in the house for that matter. So already I was alarmed) and white mucusy stuff. When I took her out of her cage to give her a bath to clean her up, she… Continue

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Day 8-13

Molly has done amazingly the last week! I'm so proud of her!

She had her first large family gathering and she behaved perfectly! Not all of the family was there, it was just adults, so she hasn't had any interaction with children yet. But for thanksgiving we took all of the family dogs to the dog park! Molly had such a great time playing with all of them and exploring all over the park. She also got to play with another herding dog! Mini the border collie was very curious like Molly,… Continue

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day 3-7

Molly is making decent progress with getting used to life at my apartment, we haven't had an accident in 3 days! She also knows how to sit now :) she picked it up in 2 tries. Yay Molly!

We took Molly and savannah to my boyfriends grandparents so Molly could meet their 11 month old husky! Molly, savannah, and shanook the husky had a blast running around the back yard for about 2 hours with overprotective mommies stopping them every so often to drink water and a round of treats for the… Continue

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Day Two!

Molly has been amazing :) she slept through the night and didn't wake us up at all! And she didn't potty in her cage. My boyfriend and I stay up late and sleep in, so we took her out a bit before bed, then put her in her cage to let her wind down for the long day. We went to bed around 2am and woke up at 10 am to no accidents. The only reason I woke up was because I had to use the restroom. I took her out to potty and it took her only a few seconds to do her business and move on. After I fed… Continue

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Molly Has Landed!

Molly came home with us today! It has been a day full of firsts for her, she went on her first long car ride, went to the pet store, got her first collar, started walking on her leash, and played with her first toy. I'm so excited to have her home finally, she and Savannah are getting along amazingly! When we first introduced them we had both outside and away from any of Savannah's potty spots and the two hit it off. Savannah is a grumpy old dog, but for the first time in ages, we got to see… Continue

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New addition to the household

My boyfriend and I have been getting the house ready to bring Molly home, and that alone has stressed our other dog out. First, we brought a new type of food into the house, and haven't given her any, Savannah is food driven she's 13ish so it's difficult enough to get her to do anything. Then, we brought home puppy toys and treats. She doesn't play with toys, so having toys was strange to her. Recently we brought home Molly's crate and put it in our room, close to the door. Savannah was a… Continue

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