Do You Have a Cat Story? Help Build a Book

Have you ever had a problem with a neighbor’s cats? How was it resolved? Or was it?

For a book on cats, a friend and I are looking for reports about issues related to cats allowed to run free. Please tell us your story. What was the problem? Did any property damage occur (to your yard, your home, your car, or whatnot)? Did any personal injury result (to you, your kids, your friends, or your pets)? This includes illness induced by the incident or situation. Did any legal action ensue? Were you able to resolve the problem with steps that were within the law?

We're looking for solutions to kitty issues that are a) reasonably neighbor-friendly and b) reasonably cat-friendly. We're interested in defining the problem and learning what lengths people are pushed to by way of defending their property from roaming cats. We're also interested in problems that were never satisfactorily resolved, and why.

If you wish, share your story in the comments section below.

For greater privacy, you can come to the Plain & Simple Press website and share your story through our “Contact” form:

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