Well, two weeks ago last night I brought Dooley to my home for fostering until placement in an adoption rescue. I can't believe I actually had to look at the calendar to see how long ago it was -- it feels as if he's been a part of my family all his life!

Of course there are little spats with the others, but they don't last long. Dooley rarely instigates or joins in when one of my others is in a bad mood. He'd rather walk away a few feet, turn around and smile! Poof! Situation abated! He's such a "smooth operator."

From the very first night's walk in the park, when I let him off his leash to run free with the pack, he came right back. I've never had to worry about him running off. His favorite is to go through the briars and brambles getting all covered with little weed seeds, coming home, and standing patiently while brushing his silky long hair.

Of course, he'd be happier if he spotted a rabbit to chase each time he went into the briars -- but even if that opportunity doesn't present itself, he's just as happy to keep searching!

His meals at first consisted of kibbles with a small treat on top. Instinctively, he knew the treat was special and saved it for last.

I've been testing out other foods for him to eat -- chopped, raw apples -- he loves them! Tonight, I added some cooked potatoes, peas, carrots, snow peas -- he ate those and wanted a second helping! Unfortunately, I didn't make enough to have seconds -- I'll have to work on that.

Sleeping in bed is interesting. I go through the routine of turning out the lights, and say "Let's go nite-nites," and all head for the bedroom and jockey for position closest to me. Of course, alpha Topaz wins spot next to me on the pillow, then Frankie, and Dooley -- try as hard as he might to squeeze in -- gets the leftover space in bed at the foot. No fighting, no arguments. He just accepts his place in the hirearchy.

However, the mornings are much different. Somehow, Dooley ends up by my pillow close to my head next to Topaz, and Frankie is in Dooley's "nite-nite" spot at the foot. This "tradiing" is all done without ever disturbing me. It's really hysterical to wake up and see how they're lined up. Sometimes, if it's cool at night, they're huddled close together to keep warm -- and we've had some cool nights here already -- but when it's warmer, they're still in traded positions in the mornings, just with a bit more space between them. I wish I could set up a hidden camera to get this all on film, because I'd really love to see what they're up to while I'm asleep.

I've woke up a few times to the wonderful sound of 3 snoring Corgis -- I'd love to get that on film too!

Dooley has learned already not to get too excited when the alarm goes off. Now he sleeps until I actually get up after hitting the "snooze" button a couple of times -- smart guy!

Play in the morning while I'm getting ready for work consists of me "kneeling" on the commode to look in the medicine cabinet mirror while putting on my face paint so I can be off the floor while they chase each other around the house, around the house, around the house, around the house, and around the house! They get going at a pretty fast pace, so I've just had to learn to stay out of their way -- LOL!

I actually can't remember a time when I've had this many dogs in the house and all was as it should be -- everyone getting along, playing, sharing food -- yes, I said SHARING FOOD! Now, that's a shocker for Corgis! Dooley waits patiently for the others to finish eating and "ignore" what they've left in their bowl, and when they walk away because they're full or aren't interested in the fruit or vegetables left behind, Dooley cleans their plate for them -- what a gentleman! -- so everyone can be excused from the table and start playing before bedtime.

He's delicate and gentle with his meals, doesn't gobble or inhale, just eats a kibble at a time, still saving his fruit and veggies for the last!

Yes, I have a busy life, but coming home to my furbabies is once again a sanctuary for me. There's not much housework getting done -- just the basics -- but, hey, what's really important here anyway?

Dooley very politely lets out one bark after meals and play to let me know he needs to go potty one last time. It's so sweet, not demanding, just a reminder bark.

I look at his beautiful eyes and wonder who might be looking for him. My heart aches thinking about some family missing him -- he's had way too much TLC to be just a "stray." I've searched the internet for lost pet reports in the area where he ended up in the kill shelter, but nothing. I just can't imagine someone not wanting him anymore and taking him to the local pound. He's really an amazing dog.

I know everyone says that about their furkids, but considering what this guy's been through in his short life he's taking it all in stride and rolls with the flow. However, he's just so special, I really don't want him to have to roll with any more flows. He deserves much better.

This weekend I'm going to put him in the car and just let him and the others "go for a ride." I don't have any place in mind to go, but we are all going to do something fun -- maybe go to the Great Salt Lake Wildlife Preserve and explore. I'll be sure to take my camera with me so I can get them all on film.

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Comment by Amanda & Tuck on September 2, 2009 at 2:59pm
I love hearing about Dooley. It is great to hear he is thriving in your home.
Comment by Amanda on September 2, 2009 at 8:16am
Aww. It's such a wonderful thing what you're doing. He sounds like a great dog, I can't imagine anyone just giving him up either. That would be my problem with fostering -- I would get attached to every dog and want to keep them all!
Comment by christy fry on September 2, 2009 at 4:07am
You've found yourself a gentlmen for sure =) It sounds like maybe your going to be is furever home?
Comment by Jane Christensen on September 1, 2009 at 11:59pm
Awwww....so happy for all of you!

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