There is a wonderful book.. a comic book or graphic novel if you will called Korgi. My Fiance bought it for me about a month or so after i got Favorite. This book is the best book you will ever find. It is illustrated by a wonderful artist named Christian Slade who fell in love with the breed after he met his wife Ann who already had one. He realized that corgis were the best dog ever.. thier character and thier love of mischief made it easy to want to draw them. I get that same itch sometimes but as talented as i am Christian trumps me easy. Anyway .. he did some research and found out about the stories and tales about how corgis were involved with fairies and the like. He loved the idea so much he started working on a few illustrations. Shortly after he started he got a job at Disney and helped to create the last traditionally drawn animated film by them Brother Bear.. ( i loved that movie). Anway after that he was let go cause technology was there to do his job i suppose. But all the better for us I say and he believes the same Korgi is a piece of art and a lovely story that is close to his heart. There is a second one already out i believe it is a small series so there will be more.. Here is the link to the preview for the first one... click on the title after you watch it and it will take you to the home page ... it will also let you order it there... check it out on amazon though they were decently priced there as welll. Just thought i would share a little love with a fellow corgi lover... oh btw i checked to see if either of them are listed on if they are they didnt sign up with those names not ann or christian. lol

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