I am going to post a laundry list of all the commands Favorite knows and is currently learning

1) Sit
2) Down
3) Stay
4) Come
5) On your feet ( also known as stand but she kept getting it confused with stay so i gave it a new name)
6) Back up
7) High Five
8) Shake
9) Touch it ( she will put her paw on anything i put in front of her)
10) Take it ( will take something in her mouth)
11) Keep it ( will keep something in her mouth)
12) Drop it
13) Get your baby ( she will retrieve a stuffed animal from her toy box)
14) Dinner time ( she will bring me her food bowl)
15) Speak
16) Speak quiet
17) Take a bow
18) Go around ( will go around in a circle)
19) Bang ( will play dead)
20) Roll over
21) Sit Pretty
22) Say your prayers ( will put front paws on chair and face between paws)
23) Hold it ( holds a treat on her nose then tries to catch it)
24) Wheres jaden/ wheres howie ( those are our cats names and she can tell them apart and will chase the one we tell her to.)
25) Heel
26) Bring it here ( same as fetch also another command she just didnt get i had to find a new name)
27) No peeking ( she will turn her head and eyes away from you )
28) Wanna dance ( she will jump up put paws in your hands and dance with you)
29) Go Ducks ( will give you ten instead of just five )
30) Tug Tug ( currently used to tell her to tug open her crate door)
31) Crate ( she will go in her crate)
32) Go to bed
33) Cover up ( she will take corner of her blankie in her mouth and roll over and wrap up in it)
34) Go away ( it is what it sounds like)
35) Go through ( she will go through her tunnel)
36) Up up ( she will stand on her hind legs)
37) Say hello( she will wave with one paw)
38) Jazz hands ( she will sit pretty and then wave both paws)
39) Kisses ( will touch her nose to you ... no wet slobbery ones with tongue)
40) Hugs ( the only time she is allowed to jump up and put her paws on you is when it is invited)
41) Under ( used to have her weave between my legs)
42) Get your sniffer ( she will touch her nose with her paw)
43) Wait ( while on walks off leash when she gets too far ahead she will wait till i catch up and then go again)
44) Leave it
45) Enough ( she will stop chasing the cats)
46) Recycle ( will put the plastic bottle in the bucket)
47) Tidy up ( will put her toys in thier box
48) Hide your face ( she will bury her face under her blanket)
49) Peek a boo ( she will pop out from under the blanket she is hiding under)

Some of these she is still working on like speak quiet and heel and under but pretty much all the rest she will do 100% of the time. She is very focused and loves learning ... i am however running out of ideas... next i am working on ( once a plan is in place of what steps it will take) is to teach her opposites... some we already have like up up and down and speak quiet and speak but we want over and under in and out... i am going to probably get some personalized props for her ... i know i am a dork but it will be like a little show. Speaking of show I am waiting for a day that my bf and i both have off together than we are going to try to get all these tricks recorded and put online. So i can share with the world how well she picks up on things. man by then who knows maybe she will be over 50 commands. No wonder i cant ever remember all of what she does its a gazillion. I need a second dog so i can teach it some too. One day i will have a traveling corgi show lol It will be as famous as the harlem globe trotters i bet. Jk

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Comment by Kimber-Leigh May on August 29, 2011 at 4:16am
Since this post favorite has learned to "go the other way" which is go around but the other direction and she has learned "roll back" which is roll over just the other direction. She also knows how to retrieve our deaf dog Mari.  She knows "go to your chair" so when guests arrive she doesnt pummel them. Lastly she has learned to pick up things i drop and bring them to me. She is great. i love her.  On a side note, Mari has learned quite a few as well.  Mari can  sit, lay down, speak, high five, play dead, roll over, go around both directions, dance, high ten, stand on her back legs, wave hello, take a bow, and drop whats in her mouth, all with just hand signals. She is also quite amazing.
Comment by D. Scott Berg on April 19, 2009 at 10:59pm
I taught her "put your head down" lol
Comment by Alice on April 19, 2009 at 2:05pm
That's great that she's learned so many commands. How old is she?

Finn knows a few like sit, stay, down, come, shake, go to bed (in crate), go get it, bring it back, roll over and over there (get on bed). I've been trying to teach him stand and speak but he doesn't seem to be catching on. Any trick you used for teaching those two commands?
Comment by Jenna, Jasper and Cersei on April 19, 2009 at 12:21pm
Wow that's awesome! I could only hope that Jasper would learn half these tricks one day! What a smart girl-she should have her own show!

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