So Winston, Midget and I are doing great. I have lots of pictures to post eventually! I've been working a TON so when I am online it is not for long!

Winston has had some problems lately though. I think I finally got his allergies under control. I believe he is allergic to chicken, duck, lamb, venison, and beef... Pretty much all he can eat is dog food with fish as the protein! Crazy right? Also, Winston has decided he wants to be food aggressive now, so I have to watch him when he is near Midget. She won't eat around him unless she eats out of my hand :\ Winston's leash aggression has gotten worse, too. I know he is a friendly dog and would never attack anyone, but for whatever reason, when I take him out, he likes to bark, snarl, and growl at dogs he sees outside. Does anyone else have this problem?

Besides all that stuff, we are doing great! We moved into a different apartment and we love it :)! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer while it lasts.. :(

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Comment by Bev Levy on August 14, 2010 at 9:40pm
I would take him to Obedience classes for help with the leash aggression. Maybe in a controlled environment like that he can learn to ignore the other dogs. Also the instructor should have some pointers for you. I always feed mine in the same order and not close to each other. Then I pick their bowls up. That way there is no confusion about whose is whose!

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