i love all corgis! but not all corgi owners!

please prepare yourself for a rant that i have been harboring for quiet a while!

ever since i got emi, i've been dealing with this particular girl who goes to my university who also has a corgi whom is a bit younger then emi. one of my housemates is in a sorority, and this girl is in her sorority, so she comes over quite frequently! she may have gotten her corgi, named stubby, before me, but i had my deposit longer, and emi is a bit older than he is.

what irks me about this girl, is not stubby him self, but the way she presents herself as a corgi owner. stubby is adorable, but he is just a corgi after all. she is constantly comparing stubby to emi, and is, quite frankly, not educated enough about corgis. i did so much research prior to getting emi, to make sure i knew all the quirks and all the important information. this girl overfeeds stubby, and always talks down on emi! saying things along the lines of, "oh, her ears arent up yet" (her ears flop down when shes excited) or "oh stubby is potty trained" (WHICH HES NOT! hes potty pad trained! and barely 3 months old at the time!) "oh she has a nub, stubby doesnt have a tail at all." 

at one point, she told my housemate that stubby was a better pedigree then emi, and that he was special because apparentlyyyyy he was supposed to be a "herding dog". which i could have interpreted in so many ways, because the way she said it sounded as if stubby was the only herding dog, ever. as if she did not know that corgi's were a herding breed. it could also mean that the breeder had originally picked him out to be a working dog on her farm. and apparently, emi's nub and stubbys lack of, also proves how he is a better corgi. 

WELL! DO I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU SISTER! emi has champion bloodlines, and also has corgis with CD and CDX titles on her pedigree! AND her ears are pointier than stubbys, AND shes truly red/white (they call stubby red/white, when he really is more sable). and ALL CORGIS ARE ADORABLE AND WORTHY!

she also doesnt put as much effort as i do with emi. sometimes she comes over with stubby, and leaves stubby in my roommates room, and then they dont come back for HOURS! poor stubby ! it makes me wonder how he is handled at home, if this is how she treats him when she has to go out! i take emi to the dog park at least twice a week, and are trying to go to the weekly corgi meet every other week! corgi's should not be the "next cute thing" to get! stubby deserves to be treated right, and not as a social media attraction! 

it drives me insane!! i love stubby, but his owner drives me INSANE!!!!! i dont understand why its not all love when it comes to corgis. it should never be a competition (in that way). there are so little corgis where we go to school, and i honestly drive far out to go to corgi meets, but she seems so ignorant and uneducated about corgis! wheres the love!

pardon my frustration >< i am just so overwhelmed with her and wish  i did not have to deal with her! and noone really understands my frustrations, so i figure mycorgi people are the only people who would get it :\ 

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Comment by Snickmom on July 5, 2012 at 10:25pm

Slip in references to this site; "One of my online corgi buddies suggested adding yogurt to a puppy's kibble, have you tried that?". "I was chatting with a lady who has 5 corgis and she was talking about how their coats are blowing right now, I wonder if our corgis will have heavy coats, too." She sounds extremely immature and insecure. Some education might help Stubby have a better life, especially if you (1) don't act like you know it all, but are learning along with her and (2) "share" the news you just read about how hard it is to keep a corgi at a healthy weight, and how much exercise they need and how important socialization at an early age is, etc. Who knows, maybe she will read your rant and realize how she sounds to others. PS I got my corgi without having ANY idea what I was getting into. I have learned TONS since then, mostly from this site.

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