Recently Domino has been scratching a lot. I have bathed her and put her flea medication on her but she's still scratching. This leads me to believe that she might have an allergy and/or sensitive skin. I have also given thought to it being the fact that her winter coat is coming in and she's shedding A LOT lately. I intend on buying a Furminator come payday and I've tried to be sure to brush her every other day to get all the loose hair off.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be making her itch so much? Any suggestions on what to do?

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Comment by Rachel on October 10, 2009 at 7:57pm
Izzie has been itchy like crazy recently too! I took her to get groomed today and asked the head groomer there about how she's been chewing at her feet for the last few weeks. The groomer told me that she (and other dogs) are having allergic reactions to the pollen outside and to help relieve her itch I should take a mixture of 1/2 astringent and 1/2 water and spray it on her paws after she comes indoors. I don't know if that would help out all over body itchiness though. I've been giving her half a benadryl too and that seems to help her sleep through the night.

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