But it helps the medicine go down. I have been putting Oscar's potassium bromide into his dinner at night. He seems to like this much better than me forcing the liquid into his mouth. He has been doing so well on his anti seizure meds and has not had another seizure since he left the hospital He has been so full of energy he is driving me crazy. I work an annoying shift 11-8 while my boyfriend works mostly nights 4-midnight so from 4 to 8 Oscar is gated in the kitchen doing his own thing by himself for awhile. He must sleep while we are away because by the time I get home he is ready to play. We normally go on a good 30 minute walk and then come back home and play for a bit before bed. Last night that just was not good enough for him; he was up till 1 am! He drives me crazy sometimes but I love him.

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