Ok so I have been taking advice on the whole how to stop food aggression and he is doing great he just has a hard time with peoples feet he will stop and just start at the on comming feet but I havent had him nip or growl so YAY thanks for all the advice we will be going to grandmas house for christmas and I think by then he will be the best!  The only thing we are having a hard time with is the dog park.. If he is drinking water he will not let the other dogs in to drink and nips at them I have been correcting him but its like hes a diffrent dog when he snaps. He shares the tennis balls and the frisbees but will not tollerate sharing the water bucket. Ive tried having a seperate water bucket for him but it makes it worse and if you have been at a dog park you know how hard it is to keep one bucket for just one dog it is like they all go from bucket to bucket just to make sure there is not anything better in one bucket so the byow( bring your own water) is not working. At home he always has fresh water in his bowl so Im not sure why he does it. Other than that food agression is down greatly.

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Comment by Edison on November 15, 2011 at 5:18pm

I recommend a Gulpy (you can get them on Amazon and a lot of pet stores) which is basically a water bottle with a small trough attached for the dog to drink out of.  Edison is also food-and-water aggressive at the dog park, so we're careful to treat and water him far, far away from the other dogs- outside of the park, if we have to!  :)

Comment by Christine and Meeko on November 14, 2011 at 8:15pm

 Yes, I have tried the sports bottle and even one of those rabbit watter bottle things, with the sports bottle he just lets the water hit the ground and then he protects the ground? With the rabbit water bottle well he wont even touch it. I tried to get him to come out of the fence to drink but he wouldnt come because he thought we were leaving which made it super difficult when we did want to leave. Chased him around for 30 just to leave haha I even had people trying to help me but they ended up making it worse because then he thought we were playing but I eventually got him and left and offered him water in the car and he drank a little but was not to interested. When we got home he went straight to the water bowl.

Comment by Beth on November 14, 2011 at 12:02pm

So glad to hear he's improving!   I know what you mean about the free-for-all at dog park watering stations.  It can be really hard to do much about dog-to-dog resource guarding, though.   Will he drink from a sports bottle or something?  Or can you take him outside the fence to drink?   Maybe a quiet area of the park, away from the other water bowls?

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