So I had a hard time finding a stocking for Solomon because Chloe has a small one and I wanted to get Solomon something totaly different as this is Solomon's first Christmas with us.  I found this incredibly huge stocking on  I put his presents in it while he was outside, like he cares!  See the 2 itty bitty stockings beside his Monster Stocking, those belong to me and my Hubby.  Right before going to bed tonight my Hubby decides to tease him by telling him that he could see what was in there and he could not.  What was so absolutely funny was he kept staring at the stocking and inching closer.  When he was close he would sniff up in the air to see if there was food in it.  He got up on the first step and stretched his neck out.  Nope can't reach it yet.  He got up on the top step and stretched a little further.  Nope can't reach it yet.  He laid down and stared at me and every now and then would look up at it.  I had to act like I was not paying him any attention whatsoever.  I had to wait until he got down and was reaching up on the wall trying to figure out if this was a definate way to get to that stocking!!!  It was so funny because after I snapped the picture he got down and went to bed.  I have never seen an animal so interested in a stocking.  It was incredible to watch.  Merry Christmas and please look for pictures of when he gets to see whats in it cause I am going to put it on the floor and let him take it out!

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