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I'm so Excited (Sounds like a song, don't it!!!)

I am so excited that I am getting another Corgi.  I can't wait to meet her and bring her home.  Mike says that she is a snuggle bunny and very affectionate.   She is going to be fixed while Mike has her so that she will come into our home without the stress of meeting Solomon and a new environment.  Although I will say that I can stand it and can hardly wait.  I don't know the day yet but hopefully it won't be but 2 weeks or so.  I will definately take pictures and post them of my sweet…


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Tooo Dadgum Funny!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful and love filled Christmas, but if you are like me, you are sooooo glad that it is over.  This was my first Christmas with Solomon and it was a funny one.  I have never laughed so hard in all my life at an animal.  My hubby had been teasing Solomon with what was in his stocking and we talked to him about Santa coming but all he did was yawn, like yea whatever.  So when I got up this beautiful Christmas morning Solomon was downstairs with Daddy and I came…


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Merry Corgi Christmas....umm maybe!

So I had a hard time finding a stocking for Solomon because Chloe has a small one and I wanted to get Solomon something totaly different as this is Solomon's first Christmas with us.  I found this incredibly huge stocking on  I put his presents in it while he was outside, like he cares!  See the 2 itty bitty stockings beside his Monster Stocking, those belong to me and my Hubby.  Right before going to bed tonight my Hubby decides to tease him by telling him that he…


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Oh My Boy, The Love of my Life!

Hi, just to let everyone know whats new for Solomon and Me.  This will be my first Winter with Solomon and I am looking forward to all the fun that we can have this winter.  The days are getting shorter here and the nights a little cooler.  I live on Lake Hartwell and everyone has gone home and we stay year round.  So it is quiet and peaceful in the evening.  When I get home I take Solomon down to the lakes edge to run and play in…


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Monkey See Monkey Do!!!

I will admit that I have long been jealous of looking at baby pictures, or reading what new little quirky thing that your babies are doing, or what has he chewed up today stories.  But at the same time my journey with Solomon has been so full of learning, laughing and love every day.  I'm not sure if I told ya'll but while in obedience training with Solomon I grew concerned because he would not drink from his own, brought from home, water bowl.  When he watched me turn my frozen bottle of…


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Graduation for Solomon (and me)!!

Ya'll Solomon graduated Obedience Class tonight and I am so proud!!!!  We went through our routine and he was put in sit and stay and while other dogs were walking out of their position, my bad boy Solomon stayed like he was suppose to!!!!  My cheeks hurt from grinning ear to ear!  He did everything like he was suppose to, he did do one 1 little thing, but the instructor found it funny, while we were doing our heeling, Solomon wanted me to speed up apparently because he ducked under my skirt… Continue

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Team Solomon

Well, Solomon has one more week at Obedience Class.  He is doing soooooo good.   He now knows Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Recall & Finish.  We practice but when doing the heel and I stop he does NOT like to sit.  He wants to stand there, I physically have to make him sit.  I guess thats just his little way of being a defiant boy!!!!!  Part of being a stubborn corgi.  I have began to trust him alot more and that feels really good.  I am so protective of him that I…


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My Good Boy

I just wanted to let everyone know how good my Baby Boy is doing in his obedience classes.  We are in the 4th week and he is so smart.  Of course I know that all Corgi's are smart and learn quickly and that makes me very proud of him every time we go to class.  The instructor asked me last week if Solomon has ever been "Shown", because he was doing exactly like he was performing in a show ring!  I was so proud when he said that.  My little "bad boy" was becoming…


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Solomon's first Obedience Class

Solomon and I took our first obedience class today and it was fabulous.  He did so well today.  We started out with heeling, of course "Mr. I'm walking ahead of you always", was absolutely dumbfounded that Momma would make him walk slower and beside her!  He did really good after awhile and got the hang pretty well, when they throwed in the sit when I stop he did not like that at all.  He would fight me eveytime I would make him sit.  Instead of sitting right… Continue

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At it Again!!!

Ya'll Solomon is at it again.  This morning my husband got up before I did and took Solomon out to do his business while I slept peacefully in a nice warm cozy bed.  I wake up to the sound of "SOLOMON".  Unfortunately I recalled that terror scream!  I lept out of my nice warm bed, cussing all the while because I have stumped my toe while trying to get my robe and slippers on while rushing towards the door.  I switched on the porch lights to see my husband…


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I just want to say THANKS to everyone here.  I have not met a single soul here but I feel like I know each and everyone of you because of something we share in common.  I know that somewhere in the world that someone has something in common with me and that is my love for my Corgis.  No matter what shape, size or color they all have the same heart. In a world full of strife and turbulance its good to know that something stays constant.  Thanks Again. 

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OMG Solomon

Well, I guess ya'll gotta know what Solomon did to me this past Saturday.  First let me explain, there has been a cat from a nearby neighborhood that we believe belongs to someone else, because he is so friendly, but he is a thorn under Solomon's saddle!  I took Solomon with me on Saturday to run my errands and he did beautifully, however, when we came home I was getting the groceries out of the car it all went down hill quickly.  I took the lead off Solomon and… Continue

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Ohh My Solomon

Solomon, Solomon, Solomon.  What are we gonna do with you.  Went to my daughter-in-laws today like I do every Saturday to do my laundry and visit with my Grandkids.  They have a weenie dog named Buddy and he is very little and very male.  The first week, they had a very little tiff until they got to know each other, ya know the usual sniff and greet!  So I figured this week would be a re-meet and everything would be fine.  However, when we went in the door…


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Solomon's first

Well, its official, Solomons first full week as ours.  We are so happy with him.  He is so loving and fillled with so much sweetness and kindness.  He has made us so happy and look forward to coming home, can't wait to see him and see how he greets us.  We want to spend every waking moment with him, realistically we know we can't but we strive or should I say connive ways to be with him.  He is going with me to run my errands on Saturday.  The weather is going to… Continue

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Sweet Solomon

This is Solomon's first week in our home where we had to leave him in order to go to work.  My husband and I had talked seriously about crating him, I was for it and he was against it!   I felt that we should for his safety and my husband said no because that would also be confining him.  I relented with some trepediation.  I stressed the entire day at work.  On top of that we were forcasted with major storms.  I was afraid that when we got home I would have no…


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I could not let the night go by without telling everyone about my new 1/2 night with Solomon.  He has been funny from the get go.  When I picked him up he was nervous and let us know it by demanding that we put him in the front seat.  My husband rode in the back after the stop at the local store for something to drink!  I talked my sweet husband into taking Solomon to Petsmart.  I never thought it would be that busy, Solomon was overwhelmed.  I felt guilty so we picked up his new collar and… Continue

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Chloe went to Rainbow Bridge on February 17, 2011.  I miss her more than words can say.  She was a worry Corgi so I miss the "checking" on me several times before I leave for work in the morning.  I miss the waiting at the door knowing that I'm about to come in.  I miss the Bunny Butt wiggling like crazy cause she is happy to see me.  I miss those big beautiful, expressive eyes looking at me with such…


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