Funny how Milo is more popular than us on Facebook! After we got Milo on Facebook, our friends started to put their dogs on Facebook. He is one PUPULAR dog. =)

Ever since having Milo, we have known more dog-friendly people. We have had strangers stop us in the park/street and asked us curiously what Milo's breed is. I think the Corgi breed is growing in popularity! I would really want to see more and more corgis around. Everytime we bump into a corgi in the street, we always say hi to the lovely furball and its owner. And, corgi owners are very cordial and warm! This shows how much devotion and passion we have for the breed.

And now, our passion for Milo goes to Facebook. Check out Milo's Fabebook account!

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Comment by Kyle, Megan and Loki on June 25, 2009 at 9:06pm
more people say hello to Loki than Megan or myself. Everyone in the neighbourhood now knows what a corgi is, and they definitely like him. There is only one in the area, but not out so much walking in it. Pretty quiet in my area, but this breed definitely attracts attention!

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