Busy and hectic but never too busy for Milo

So, mommy and daddy are both very busy and tired these days from house shopping to big planning. But, we're never too busy for Milo. The weather is gettig warmer so we intend to play more Frisbees with Milo, go for more walks, and enjoy the outdoors more. Even with this house hunting, we're thinking of getting a bigger home with a nice sized backyard just for Milo. Why? So he can enjoy Frisbees and frolicks outside more.

Winter in NY is definitely long and harsh. But Milo is a hearty dog. Thank goodness for the lush and thick Corgi coat. But now, spring is here and summer is advancing. We plan to take Milo to the lake this weekend so he can enjoy fresh air and a nice breeze.

Milo's allergies are slowly getting better (fingers crossing). But we have so many new things coming up in 2009 which is very exciting. I hope Milo likes all of these changes because he's part of the family. Plus, he has a "say" in a home too. =)

We love the golden pig.

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