I can't help but lay here, feeling both frightened and excited. I wonder if this is what expectant mothers feel when their due date is coming.

Applejack is my little girl's name. It suits her for so many reasons. For one, yes, I'm a self proclaimed nerd, and named her for my favorite cartoon magical pony. Even the name I'm going to register her with, "Honest and True Southern Belle", which has elements of her dam and sire's registered names, as it should, is reminiscent of the down-to-earth, hardworking pony I named her for. But it's also the fact that Applejack is a delicious liquor, and goes with the name SoCo, who is our 4-year-old husky mix.

I'm worried. I'm having her shipped here, because I can't make the drive across the country to get her. It's a 4 hour flight, but its still nerve-wracking to think of her so scared on the plane. I hope she does okay. The last thing I want is a stress, sick puppy. I mean, my whole goal was to find a breeder with good, healthy animals, and good genetics. I work for a veterinarian. Health is of paramount importance to me.

It's still a month before she's ready to come home. I can't stand the wait, but I have a whole month to prepare for her arrival.

It's my first dog that I can truly call my own. I am frantically nervous.

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Comment by Jane Christensen on May 19, 2013 at 7:43am

Hi Heather,

8+ years ago I got my 1st Corgi...knew nothing about the breed and we survived...Wynn was (and is) the perfect corgi...back then I didn't worry (just loved him and trained him as I would any pup). Now 6 corgis later (2 are rescues)...they still are the greatest. Socialize, gentle but firm training and you will do fine. Before you know it she  will have grown into a wonderful young corgi...congrats. Do keep in mind that corgis can "read your mood" so the calmer you are the better:) You will have an amazing experience:)

Comment by Heather and Applejack on May 19, 2013 at 7:34am
@Curt--- Hmm. Corgis are pretty brave and pretty tough. Yours must have been so brave to handle that cross-country mix up. I hope Applejack is as bold and fearless as Griffin. Personally, I can't believe my hair isn't gray. I'm fully expecting to pick her up from the airport and blat my eyes out from joy. Thank you for your words of support!

@Nancy--- I reiterate: sometimes I wonder if this is what expecting a kid is like. (Only she is my furry kid with a fluffy butt) I've not been so naive; I know my beauty sleep is gonna be pierced with cries for pee-pee time. I know it's worth it. It'll be very different once she's actually home. Thank you for reassuring me! Corgi kisses to your trio!
Comment by Curt, Griffin and Violet on May 18, 2013 at 10:35pm

Hi Heather!  How exciting for you!  I understand 100% the anxiety you feel.  Our 3 year old male, Griffin, turns out, ended up in California after being flown from Pennsylvania when he was little.  We didn't know that at the time, and we had not been planning for the long term for him specifically, so we didn't have to live with the concern that you are experiencing.  However, if we HAD known, and had been waiting for his arrival, I'd have been a basket case.  But...the good news is that he survived VERY well, and was, as far as we could tell, completely unaffected by his airplane ride.  Our breeder (who also happens to be a vet) had had him at her home for about a month before we got him (he was 4 months old when he came home with us).  But this kind of transport is apparently done routinely, and with no ill effects.  Perhaps it may help to think of it this way; it might be less traumatic for your puppy to take that 4 hours plane ride than to subject her to a cross country car ride.  As you know, baby puppies have many needs that might make such a car ride a real challenge.  This way, your little baby will be safe at home with you after only a few short hours.  I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.  Enjoy your new little one!  they are so precious!

Comment by Nancy Geddes on May 18, 2013 at 8:47pm

Dear Heather:  Please don't be nervous!  Bathe in the joy of becoming a corgi mom!  It's a wonderful life!  Begin to baby-proof, read up on the breed, enjoy your peace and quiet before sweet applejack comes home!  It's really more fun than I can convey!  All the best from Williamsburg:  Corgi Mom X 3  Nancy

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