Lola seems to have adjusted fairly well to the family! I'm a little anxious for tomorrow. I emailed back and forth with Lola's foster mommy and found out a little bit more about her background. Apparently she was more of a stray than a "puppy mill" dog like we were told. It doesn't lessen our love for her, but it does concern me a little bit. We have a vet appointment tomorrow morning for a basic checkup and for her heartworm test. I wasn't worried about this before now, but I'm getting worried. What if she IS heartworm positive? I've had dogs before, but never adopted rescue (always through breeders when they were pups). I know what we got ourselves into when we decided to adopt, but I just stress easily.

She's been to the park twice this week with Brian and met a few dogs. One Dachund wasn't to nice to her, he kept barking. The other two (a beagle mix and a GIGANTIC standard Poodle) were nice and they both passed the "butt sniff test". Once everything is clear, we're going to take her to the dog park in town. 

Am I overreacting about the possibility of the heartworm issue? It was the only test the foster mommy didn't do. She said it was too expensive for what she could afford yet. According to our vet, the test here is $30. I guess I'm scared she's keeping something from me that I need to know, even though we've asked. Anyone have any experience with either side of the fence? Advice is greatly appreciated!

I'll post more tomorrow once I know for sure (assuming we find out for sure positive or negative tomorrow). 

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Comment by Megan, Lola, & Hank on October 20, 2012 at 1:33am

I guess all I know for sure is she had whip worms that were removed and ear mites that ruined her right ear. It doesn't stand up right. Once I know one way or the other, I'm sure I'll be better, but I just stress easily. Thanks for all the advice. I was ok until the foster mom said the past wasn't as "known" as we were led to believe, and then I saw another post here about a poor little guy that posted positive. I knew I had this appointment made, but assumed it would be negative. I'm probably just blowing it out of proportion. I'm just concerned since I'm so new at this. :(

Comment by Julia on October 20, 2012 at 12:59am

From my interactions with "stray" dogs, most of them seem to have been someone's pet at some time. Having heartworms, in my experience, is rare in the strays we take in. I would guess that just as many surrendered dogs have this problem as strays. This is not a red flag to me.

Comment by Megan, Lola, & Hank on October 19, 2012 at 11:42pm

Thanks Melissa. I'm just naturally someone who stresses, Not to mention I was getting frustrated with the baseball game tonight (we're hardcore Cardinals fans here). I'm just worried. I did the WORST possible thing I could do and googled about it and made everything a million times worse that it may have been. Lola was a trooper tonight. I'm starting to think NOT knowing is better too, now that I feel confused about her background. 

Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on October 19, 2012 at 11:17pm

I'm thinking a puppy mill dog is just as likely, if not more likely, to have heartworm. I personally would rather end up with a stray than a puppy mill dog because puppy mill dogs tend to have terrible genetics and lots of health problems, not that a stray won't, just would make me feel better knowing nothing about her background! Lol. Good luck and keep us posted.

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