One Year Plus... So many lessons learned

Well Owen celebrated his first birthday about a month ago. We did hats and the whole shabang.. Owen has gotten so big and I have to admit I do miss the puppy in him. I can tell he wants to be a big boy and be tough.

I'm pretty sure this includes chewing any clothing accidently left in reach. Goodbye bathrobe. It also includes barking although that may have something to do with the windows being open alot lately. Fortunately it includes some good things too like running with me, being quite the swimmer, and most of the time being trustworthy playing in our unfenced yards.

Owen has gotten over the roomba but I doubt will ever let me swiffer the house in peace. He has developed an anger for cleaning mirrors and windows. He is a big fan of berries (good unless they are pitted and fall from the tree). He warns us pretty good if he is going to puke. He smiles like crazy all the time - my favorite is when he is smiling because he is in my lap.

We are working on heel.. because I hate leash pulling and wrestling. It works in the driveway.

Owen still loves a good stick, a dip in the creek, and adventurous walks.

He has almost been with us a year and I feel like I would have more cash in my pocket (damage toll was pretty high) but not as much love. What a cutie! Mommy and Daddy love Owen :) Don't know what he is going to do when there is a not-so-furry brother or sister (long time from now).

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Comment by Cindi on June 15, 2009 at 8:53am
Congrats on Owen's upcoming BarkDay! Isn't it wonderful to look back? I did laugh when you mentioned the Swiffer. Maddie wants to kill it everytime it comes out. lol

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