When we first took Morna to our vet for her puppy shots, she had a reaction that caused her to need allergy meds and fluid infusion. For subsequent shots, we had to drop her off in the morning so they could give her steroids, wait about 2 hours, then give her the shots after which they observed her for two more hours.

This morning we took her for her last puppy shot, and the Vet called around noon to tell us that they didn't give her the shot because she was vomiting before they could give her the pre-shot medicine. They gave her a shot of anti-nausea med (Centrine?) and injected fluids. We will take her back next Monday for another try at the last shots. They also gave us 4 more pills to bring home w/directions to give 1 tab 2x daily if she needs it.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem (the allergy to the shots), and if it's possible that just going to the vet and being left there made her sick to her stomach or if she just incidentally has a little tummy upset.

It's been so long (33 years) since I've had a puppy that I don't remember these kind of details, but want to be sure there is nothing really wrong with her.


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Comment by Edie on March 24, 2009 at 9:47pm
Morna did really well with the last of her shots. The vet has been having us drop her off at about 8am when they give her something to prevent allergic reaction (I think a steroid), and after a few hours she gets the immunizations, then they watch her again for a few hours. I'm glad she's finished with them now and that she doesn't have to spend a whole day away from home. She's always the center of attention there...when we go to pick her up, we hear how adorable, sweet, beautiful coloring, etc..... but still, I'm happy to get her home and feeling okay.

She's started obedience classes (along with us) at our local Pet Smart. She is doing very well and is a fast learner. Also has learned what pushovers we are.... if we scold her for something she lies down with her head on her front paws and just soulfully looks up at us to the point we see the whites of her eyes at the bottom. She looks so pitiful... again.. also VERY smart! And truth be told, my husband (who insists on telling everyone that Morna is MY dog and how crazy he thinks I am for getting a puppy at retirement) is the biggest pushover of the two of us! The little girl knows how to get to every heart in the house (possible exceptions still the two cats!...She figured out the cat door to our screened porch and now keeps them walking along shelves or on top of the chairs or table!).

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