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We Haven't Disappeared!

Morna is now almost a year old. November 27th is her birthday. She is quite a character and frequently our laughter is mixed with a quiet, to ourselves "You bugger, you!" She is VERY singleminded when she decides she wants something (particularly if the something she is pursuing is one of our cats!) My daughter's dog, Bear, who is a chow/black lab mix, works and plays well with others. This is a report card that my baby girl may never get! Despite the fact that she is the last one in, and… Continue

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Well, today Morna is at the vet's getting spayed. I feel like a nervous mom all over again! It feels odd to just drop her off and then come home and wait until someone calls... I'm used to sitting waiting for news just as soon as it's available from the surgeon, or whatever, when one of my human kids has any kind of procedure done! I don't like this sitting at home, even though I know that a/ there is nothing I can do even if I stayed at the vet's office; b/they will call with news about how… Continue

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Problems with shots

When we first took Morna to our vet for her puppy shots, she had a reaction that caused her to need allergy meds and fluid infusion. For subsequent shots, we had to drop her off in the morning so they could give her steroids, wait about 2 hours, then give her the shots after which they observed her for two more hours.

This morning we took her for her last puppy shot, and the Vet called around noon to tell us that they didn't give her the shot because she was vomiting before they… Continue

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New Pix - Morna Settles In

Morna sleeps on her back frequently and I caught a picture! That is so cute...and she sometimes has a front paw over her face and her back legs crossed.

She has also become a BIG help to her new Dad. Some more pix added show Morna helping with the yardwork! She is down to about 1 accident a day w/her potty training, and that's usually when we misread her signals and think she's ready to go in. When we do that, she's not in the house for more than 5 minutes when she poops somewhere,… Continue

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Oh My! What a little bundle of energy!

We have had almost 5 full days with Morna. She is a delightfully intelligent, inquisitive little creature. ....and she has had us running for the full five days! She certainly lives up to the descriptions of corgis....really smart, lots of energy, curious. She and Bear have become friends and we have seen the two of them lying snuggled together sleeping. This happened once Morna stopped jumping up at Bear's belly, looking for food, I suspect.

The cats are still not speaking to anyone… Continue

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We picked Morna up at the airport in Charleston yesterday afternoon and got home about 7pm. Morna slept in her crate in the car...no car sickness, yay!!. We took her out of the crate and let her roam around to explore her new home some, and then set up her playpen area. We put her in it an gave her food and water, her bed and her toy that was sent with her along with a new one.

She took one sip of water, sniffed her food, grabbed her toy and started playing with it. Because I put her… Continue

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Morna is scheduled to arrive in Charleston, SC around 3PM tomorrow! We will have company driving to Charleston (not to mention a more roomy vehicle than ours) because my 4 year old grandson loves Chuck E Cheese, and there are none in Myrtle Beach. So... while we go to the airport there to pick Morna up in the cargo area, JTF and his mom will be having fun at the big mouse house.

We will go back to get them once we've talked to and gotten Morna out of her crate, given her a little… Continue

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We went to PetSmart today to get supplies for Morna. We bought a leash (she's arriving with a harness), healthy pet food and snacks as recommended by Kerri (breeder), a bed, food dishes, a few toys that look like they can withstand fierce chewing without coming apart....and for ME... "Puppies for Dummies"!!! It's been a very long time since I've had a puppy, and I thought I should bone up on the routines, etc.

The last pup 31 years ago was a Dalmation and she was VERY stubborn and… Continue

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She's Coming in 6 Days! Count down begins.....

Well, after quite a bit of indecision, we have decided to have Morna sent via air, and we found that she could go into Charleston, which is only about 2 hours from home as opposed to the 4 hrs from here to Charlotte, NC. My whole experience with the breeder has been outstanding. It's a pleasure to have such a nice, informative person to work with on something as important as this.

She will be arriving next Thursday, and I'm going to be busy getting everything chewable put away,… Continue

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Morna coming to us!

We thought we would drive out to Indiana to pick up Morna, but our kids (all grown...think we're feeble!) were really against driving from Myrtle Beach. They reminded us of the snow and ice that we left behind when we moved from Penna. We did some research and talked to our puppy's owner and the long and short of it is that it looks like the little one will be shipped to Charlotte, NC which is only 4 hrs from our home. It is also the closest place for us to pick her up from a non-stop flight.… Continue

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We have found a beautiful tri female in Indiana. My husband and I will be driving up to get her at the end of the month! I'm very excited, and have been researching a good Welsh name for her. This is important because all of my great-grandparents were immigrants from Wales and were coal miners in upstate Pennsylvania. I am so thrilled... can't begin to describe adequately.

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