Simon is doing SO good with everything!!!!!

I know, I'm probably a biased 'mommy' cause I love him so much.

Simon has gone to two puppy classes so far, and I see MAJOR improvement. He's learned how to play without going nutso crazy wild (he LOVES toys) -- he has to sit nice for 10 seconds before he gets his toy, and he has mastered it 100%! I *think* he knows 'sit' too -- he usually sits when I tell him sit, so I'm pretty sure he's grasping it.

He does VERY well with pottying outside, and on Monday he even 'told' me he had to go potty after he was done playing with his sister! He came over to me, bumped his nose on my leg and sat down.

He's also getting more 'snuggly' though he's still pretty independent-minded. I don't think he's gonna be the lap-dog snuggle bug I was hoping for, but I think he'll have his moments where that's what he wants. He sits by my feet when I'm at my desk. He doesn't like my lap, but he WILL just sit by my feet really nice now while I'm on the computer.

He's starting to 'observe' more stuff too -- this morning he noticed a robin and a bunny --- he tried to chase the bunny, LOL!

Josie is a great big sister to him, and she's trying to teach him new games now. He doesn't really grasp 'fetch' yet (Josie's favorite game EVER), and this weekend she was trying to coax him to play fetch with her. I'm not sure how much he was understanding or if he thought he was just chasing HER and not the toy, but it was funny to watch her try and 'teach' him a new game!

We've gone to an outdoor mall and to Petco for the first time -- he's actually kind of shy in public still, but he was getting more confident at Petco. I'm trying to take him at least 3-4 places a week so that he can be exposed to lots of people and things.

He's still so LITTLE though! When do they usually hit a big 'growth spurt'? He's only 10 1/2 weeks old, and he is MUCH bigger than when he came home, but his collar size hasn't changed AT ALL yet in a month. I thought he'd be bigger by now!

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Comment by Bev Levy on June 10, 2009 at 7:00pm
Keep up the good work!
Comment by Nancy Geddes on June 10, 2009 at 6:31pm
Simon will grow up before you realize! It will take him truly two years to mature. Keep up the training, especially the COME and LEAVE IT commands. All three of my corgis have been through obedience, human socialization, fixed leash walks, herding and agility lessons and lots of random activities (we do not go to a dog park). Your basic training will help you enjoy the athlete and play pal in Simon!! Corgi high fives from Bear, Tasha and Linus
Comment by Arrow and Pengu on June 10, 2009 at 6:13pm
Hey that 's great! Sounds like good puppy training going on over there!!!
way to go SIMON!!!!

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