Singing to your Corgi What do you sing to them?

When I bathe Chloe I generally sing "baby baluga", "Shake , Shake, your booty but substitute corgi for booty, and my favorite things.  I go to a self service dog wash so I wonder if anyone hears me. I cannot be the only one who sings to their dog.

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Comment by Tomahawk and Fences on September 3, 2012 at 12:54am

We have a song for Tomahawk that my boyfriend and I made up for him. We sing it whenever he feels like cuddling with us haha.

"Little, little, little bubs. Little bubs with his little chubs, walking on his little stubs. He's my little buds, he's my little buds." 

It's super stupid, be he gets super happy every time we sing it to him.

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