Snake repellers do they work and how harmful to dogs are they?.

Has anybody living rural with dogs with snakes ever used a snake repeller they look like an outdoor solar light that you stick into the ground and turn them on. The put a vibration into the ground and also put out a sonic sound that humans cant hear but animals can. I would have thought they would drive dogs nuts?. I have seen a deadly brown snake and a not so deadly red bellied black snake today thank goodness the dogs were inside as the other day Sam almost dragged me off the top of our water tanks 2 metres down after this brown snake. He has never seen a snake. I have a wrenched left shoulder but that is nothing compared  to having Sam bitten and killed!.

If anybody has tried these snake repeller gizmos let me know that would be great. They are expensive to buy but hang the cost if they work right!. I keep my dogs alive and the snakes away from their Dad who has a real phobia to snakes big time!!!.



Oscar & Sam's Dad 

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