We're taking KC's spay stitches out tonight! Well, hopefully my husband will do it while I hold & soothe her. I get queasy with medical stuff. (Our vet said we can do it ourselves.) The stitches look great right now, so there shouldn't be any problems.
If her tummy still looks great this weekend, we're going to buy a life jacket and take her to the river! Should be fun! I've been looking around for doggy life jackets, and Walmart's are only $14.74 for her size. Petsmart's life jacket costs $19.99. I love Petsmart for the fact that I can bring her inside with me, but everything always costs more. :( Oh well, I'm just excited to see how she does in the water. Fingers crossed! <3

We were able to get KC's stitches out just fine, once the little wiggle-worm stopped squirming! Unfortunately roles were reversed and I had to suck it up and cut her stitches myself. (Yuck, made my stomach a little squidgy.) My husband was a little more firm about keeping her from moving around so much. So once he had her pinned down and still managed to give her loving chest pets with his pinky finger, I went in and carefully snipped both stitches. Then I popped back up and told him that HE needs to floss the thread out himself because THAT I won't do! Luckily there was no blood or any yips of pain from my girl. So tough! Then we wiped it clean with peroxide and sent her on her way!
Now time to get that lifejacket and see how she likes the river...

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Comment by Jane Christensen on August 19, 2009 at 12:07pm
Oh fun!!!! I meant the river ...I always go to Pet Expo because my dogs can come in ...of coarse there 1st stop is the check out counter to smell the treats (they get when we check out)...I will gladly pay a little more for the attention and fun they have there...and of coarse we have to pick out a toy or treat also...

Good luck with the stitches...it should be no problem like you said if you soothe her and your husband does this she'll love the attention!

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