First of all I'd like to share that Callie's back is fine and she's feeling better.

In other news I'm so excited that spring is coming and with that brings warmer weather. The only thing is the fact that Callie gets SO dirty when we go outside. My apartment place's grass is thin and mostly mud, they have been trying things to make it grow and last summer there was a difference, but still there is a lot of mud. Also in the parking lot all the gravel and water makes a big mess. So needless to say anytime she goes outside she needs a bath or a rinse once she gets inside... which gets old fast.

I am thinking about getting a few onesies to try and keep her chest from getting SO dirty. I don't mind wiping off paws, but the dirt seems to get deep in her fur and Callie hates baths. Does anyone use onesies on their corgis? I heard a friend mention that she tried it and it helped. I don't mind if it gets dirty or wet, I just don't like having to throw my dog in the tub after every time she goes out to go potty. Most dog clothes don't fit Callie right, and are more expensive than buying a pack of onesies.

I'm not the only one excited about having warmer weather, all my neighbors and their dogs seem to be spending more time outside too. I love the summer for that, getting to know neighbors and have our dogs play until they can't move anymore. I now feel like I'm ranting.

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Comment by Lusa on March 10, 2010 at 8:08pm
Today I finally got out and got Callie a onesie. I was at the dollar store and saw one that was a 12-18 month size and I thought I might as well try it, and it does fit! Length wise it is close to perfect, the only problem is it is a bit tight in her chest. She doesn't seem to mind and after one trial run it made a big difference. I'll try and post a picture of her.
Comment by Jane Christensen on March 6, 2010 at 2:31pm
I've used onsies on my corgis for other reasons and they work well but you need to find the right in "long enough". I think I used an 18-24 month...I suppose that would at least keep her underbelly free from dirt! I would only buy one or check out a thrift shop until you know the size and find out if they are going to shrink! Sounds like much less work to wash the onsies than to give Callie a bath too often! Good Luck...we'll be waiting to see how this works!

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