The Dog That Peed Lake Michigan on the Kitchen Floor!

LOL! Okay, this is all my fault. And it's not funny, but what the struck me as hilarious.

We're in the office watching reruns of Desperate Housewives on the giant iMac and cackling away at a particularly funny episode. Time to knock it off, though, and go to bed, so it's "Back to Browse" for Netflix and "Sleep" for the computer and soon, I imagine, "sleep" for the human and the dawgs. We trot out to the kitchen to let the pooches out for a final policing of the back yard, and what do we find between us and the back door but...


No mere puddle, but a GREAT LAKE of puppy pee!

No doubt this is terrible, but I thought it was the funniest darned thing. I've never seen  m\so  much puppy pee in my life!! The two dogs waded through it while I unraveled half a roll of paper towels and retrieved the squirt bottle of Simple Green.

Pup has been pretty good the past few days. Despite having to widdle twice in an hour yesterday afternoon, by and large she's not feeling the urge more often than once every two or three hours, and at night she's able to last five or six hours -- not bad, considering the desperate straits the poor little pooch has been in, at times. She's managed to get outside before busting, most of the time.

I take the vastness of this deluge as a good sign. It means her urine is now dilute enough to discourage the formation of stalactites and stalagmites in her little bladder. When last seen, the vet commented on how concentrated her urine was, and one has to say, it had about the consistency of maple syrup. I've been pouring water on her food in an attempt to get fluids into her. Apparently it's working. Watery pee has gotta be good pee.

I hope.

At any rate, tomorrow morning we have another veterinary appointment. We'll see what he thinks of her progress then. If indeed progress there is.

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