Scout went to stay with her human aunt while Jeremy and I go on vacation.  Glad we are leaving early tomorrow, because it was so sad coming home and not having a happy smiling corgi waiting at the top of the stairs. Yeah, Marley the cat is here but a cat just isn't the same.  He loved me when his bowl was empty, but I fed him and now he has slinked off to a different room.  My corgi would have eaten, then resumed her position at my side.  This gives me even more reason to get a puppy within the year whenever we get a good savings built up.  Still looking at fall/winter as the time frame.

Oh well, camping will start and I will have fun, and I get my "baby" back Sunday afternoon.  Have a great rest of the week and weekend everybody.  Stay cool as most of us are still in the summer heat.

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Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on June 22, 2012 at 8:55pm

Awh, EmilyD: I feel your pain! It has been four days that I haven't gotten to see Ziggy now, and I stil have another four to go!:(
Haha.. Find a dog-like cat! All the fun of a dog, but with the easiness of a cat haha. Skiski used to follow me around meowing after he would finish eating. Sometimes, he would even not eat and sit by his bowl while wailing every so often until I would come and give him pats and then he would eat.. What a silly boy!:P
I can't wait for you to have a puppy for me to drool over. (For that's it's purpose. I mean, why else would you want a pup, other than for me to salivate all over the little thing!?!?! Haha)

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