We signed for our house on Friday, and pretty much spent our whole weekend out there with Scout (minus sleeping, as furniture is still at the apartment).

Scout is taking the move as expected, easily.  Pretty much I am the only thing she needs, and as long as she knows she has me, she is fine with any changes.  We had to leave her in the house while we ran to town, and I was going to lock her in the bathroom, but she didn't want to go in.  So she stayed in the main part of the house.  We came back, and I peeked in the window to see her snoozing happily on the one chair the previous house owners left.

There is one thing that makes her nervous... The laundry room has the only door out to the back yard.  She is nervous about it for some reason. (probably the fact that the washer and dryer were running didn't help)  The first time we went out back, I carried her through.  Then she realized where the door led, and now she just sprints through the room to get outside.  She'll get better as time passes.

We're back at the apartment now.  Going to paint the living room early this week, and then comes the task of moving.  We will be without internet for a little while since we need to get it set up, so I won't be on too much until we get them to come out and set up (who knows how long that'll be)...

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Comment by Miranda~ Moses | Maya | Maverick on July 16, 2012 at 12:55am
We have a mud room / laundry room that is the only backyard door as well. We have our washer and dryer on one wall with cupboards above, and on the other wall is cupboard space for dog stuff (brushes, extra toys, leashes, poo bags, life jackets, etc.) and we do our pet meals in there, as it becomes routine and familiar. If the dryer is going, Maya will refuse to eat. I just make sure to pop the door open until she's done and then get it going again. But the dogs love going outside so much that it doesn't matter if the machines are going.. they're just a blur on the way to the backyard. ;-)

Congrats on closing! Moving is a bummer deal, but finding places for everything in YOUR VERY OWN HOME is an awesome feeling. Takes the bummer out of the deal. It'll take a while to get fully used to where everything is and how it al works for you guys and your pup, but that's part of the fun. Take pictures for memories!!
Comment by Jane Christensen on July 15, 2012 at 9:50pm

Congrats...can't wait to hear more and see pics:)

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