I know some people on here are having the same issue... they share their pups with significant others and somehow end up doing most of the work despite discussions... explanations... serious sit downs.. and going on strike.

I'm in the same boat mostly. He tries to keep up to date on everything... put his input in.. but doesn't research everything before he tries it... and the frustration is mostly he needs to spend time with them. He gets upset when they listen to me more then him sometimes and just doesn't listen when I explain why.

The heat factor comes with one of these frustrations and its sort of reminding people that dogs can get overheated quickly especially if you're playing with them.

So I've been on his rear to play with the dogs more. Spend one hour a day, 30 per dog on his walking days (we take turns) and that's it.

His idea of playing is taking the dogs on long walks and/or playing fetch outside.

Now this normally would be ok but it being extremely hot outside lately isn't a good idea. Its more him thinking if he walks/plays outside they will get tired quicker and he wont have to spend all that time with them.

This isn't the case.. they overheat... come in.. pass out for a little while.. then run to mom to poke at her because they aren't physically/mentally tired.

and he just doesn't seem to understand this. I pointed it out today and he still took them out for 10 min each because they both ended up running to the door because they were too hot.

It's infuriating and not good for them. Any advise? I did go on strike a few months ago and lord knows that wasn't fun.. the pups went on strike and he couldn't understand why they stopped eating really until I explained it to him that they weren't happy. This didn't seem to move him at all.

Ugh! Petting a dog and tugging a toy for two seconds a day isn't enough!


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Comment by Avyon on June 17, 2010 at 11:10am
LaRissa that's a great idea! Now if I could only steal his phone from him for a little while... ;)

but truthfully that would work great for us. Each of us taking a dog.

Sometimes its funny how we forget how useful technology can be!
Comment by LaRissa L. Head on June 17, 2010 at 10:58am
I'm not sure if this will motivate your husband, but it seems to work for me and my husband. During the winter here in Michigan, it would simply get to cold or icy to walk our dog the 3 miles we were used too. Also, our duplex is rather small so Roslyn being a High energy dog needed a lot of attention. We ended up setting up a timer on our phones to ring every other hour when we were home for the day. So when the timer went off we would stop what we were doing and play fetch with Roslyn down our long hallway, or play "hide and seek the treat" one of the other hundred games we made up to keep her mentally active for 15 mins.

So every other hour we played to 15 mins and it adds up. Keeps her from becoming bored with the game, and keeps us accountable on days that it simply was not safe to take her outside or we were sick.

granted once we started playing with our dog instead of doing some house chore, or surfing the web or whatever... it was hard to get us to stop. I'm sure we didn't keep it to 15 mins.

Not sure if this will help with your husband, but it may be just what he needs.

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