First Charlie Bear heart attack.... rant.

If you have a dog.. that may be grouchy towards other dogs.. DO NOT allow your teenager with their five friends take it to the dog park...

I am trying to be a calm mommy... I was a calm mommy at the dog park.. but really.. I wanted to corner those kids and chew them out till they cried..

No nobody didn't really see how it started but Charlie isn't really one to pick a fight.. Plus after the incident their dog started picking fights with other dogs...

Yes you have the usual tussles and nip-fits over toys and too much rough housing but this was downright scary.

I turned like everyone else hearing the usual noise of rough housing to see two large golden labs, tag teaming on Charlie Bear. Who was defending/trying to run away/run to mom.

This was not play fighting or rough housing.. this was two large dogs trying to tear my little dog apart. Which they would have succeeded if we all didn't spring into action.. plus a few seconds always seem like forever when your freaked out.

well everyone jumped into action MINUS THE KIDS IN THE CORNER. Who did take their dog after wards... petted the dog for a couple minutes.. and set it free.

The lady with the other golden who is usually nicely tempered and I'm sure just jumped in after seeing the other golden start - did what normal people would do and talked to me - we couldn't blame anyone and left.

Meanwhile the kids were in the corner cracking jokes about how their dog took on the "little dog".

In which I left saying goodbye to my corgi friends - Charlie still shaken up.

Thankfully he has all those skin rolls.... The fluffy fur did take me a while to make sure he wasn't badly hurt.. a few scrapes happily/unhappily.

That was a heart attack though... Now we have a dog to look out for when we go to the dog park.. :( First one. OOOOO if I could talk to their parents.. Spitting mad.

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Comment by Avyon on April 5, 2010 at 10:06am
We have a couple around here. So far three I've gone to are rather small and then we have the "four mile run" which is a dog park and a dog-river park. You can go into two gates. One is the normal run with a nice path to walk on and places to stop and let your dog drink and the other runs along side it which is the river where you can let your dog swim.

Roxi has only had one fight in a dog park and the rest of the time its been fine. This was Charlies first. I've always seen other dogs fight but dogs don't seem to want to normally fight with my pups. They also try to avoid conflict/run to mom hehe.
Comment by Judith Andre on April 4, 2010 at 1:15am
I know some people think you should never go to the dog park, but we live in an apartment and Murray loves his play time with other dogs. I see and hear of surprisingly few fights, but keep a close eye on him. I feel really lucky that Lincoln has such nice large dog runs. Because of their size, I think it is easier to avoid trouble...if I see any dogs that seem questionable I just head out in a different direction. Our nicest park is about 25 acres, totally fenced with a separate small dog area. Murray always wants to check them both out, but prefers playing with the big dogs and swimming in the creek. I haven't visited any dog parks in other cities, but understand most of them are smaller?
Comment by Avyon on April 2, 2010 at 11:50pm
He got a pig ear and oodles of love when we got back... just typical of a corgi he's acting like nothing happened.
Comment by Jane Christensen on April 2, 2010 at 10:06pm
Bummer! I would be upset! Poor Charlie!
Comment by christy fry on April 2, 2010 at 9:10pm
dog parks can be scary places with uninformed or ignorant people with aggressive dogs.

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