The revenge of the (little) big brother.

So during the day we leave Domino out in the living room while we're gone; closing the bathroom and bedroom doors. Well we put her food and water bowls right inside the kitchen so if she does splash or spill it's on the faux hard-wood floors and not the carpet.

Well recently we have noticed that the floor and carpet have been unusually wet next to the water bowl. Domino, being over a year old, doesn't make much of a mess anymore when it comes to eating and drinking. It turns out that our rabbit, Gregory, who is actually Domino's older brother, has been eating her food. However he's not just grabbing pieces and running off; he's standing in her water bowl, with his back feet on the carpet to reach her food (he doesn't like the hard floor, he doesn't get any traction on it). We finally got a photo of the little rascal in the act.

I guess this is payback for Domino sticking her tongue in his cage and stealing his hay and granola all those times.

Ah sibling rivalry; it's entertaining when your kids are furry. :)

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Comment by Carol & Ein & Widget on June 26, 2009 at 3:24am
Gregory really doesn't like the slippery floor (and he's a good lookin' mini rex, too lol)
Comment by Libby and Dyddy!! on May 9, 2009 at 12:26pm
Hahahahahaha!!! That is excellent!

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