Bailie can now sit, speak, kiss, down, leave it, stand, shake, high five, Eskimo kiss, heel, roll over and play dead. I would like to teach her more. Any suggestions?

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Comment by Snickmom on April 12, 2012 at 4:22pm

Snickers has two versions of play dead, the one I call play dead has her laying on her side. When I say relax in a soft soothing voice she lays on her back- but she doesn't fool anyone into thinking she is relaxed- she is ready to sproing up and get her treat! I have her spin and dance for treats.  Have you done sit pretty? There is a group called "the wave". I'd love to know how to teach that.  We are working on "come" past food on the floor. My husband's dog will sit by his side while he throws the ball and waits until he gets OK to run after it. Doing tricks at the park with distractions is harder than in a quiet home, you can work on that- plus it gives other people a smile.

Comment by Kimberlie on April 12, 2012 at 4:21pm

Commands we liked that we taught ours is Freeze (stop dead in tracks untill we tell them they release) Release which is the command to let them go free after the sit, lay down, freeze, and heel commands. Come (for us we use here). Eight which is when they weave between the legs. Head down (put there head on your or someones lap) a trick for our male for his training to be a therapy dog. Tough our female the names of her toys, so we can say "bring fox", "bring ball" "find cow". Squeeky command for them to squeek there toy is a cute show off tick. Under and Over to get them to jump over bobsical or crawl under, comes in handy on hikes. Wait up means they have to slow down untill we ketch up which helps when at off leash parks and family farms. Space which means they need to move over to alow people to pass and keep them out of harms way from bikers riding by at the river vally off leash shared use sites. Are some of the diffenent ones we came up with a  taught our corgi's

Comment by Chris, Kadi & Brodie on April 12, 2012 at 3:53pm

Come. That one is vital, since corgis love to play 'catch the corgi'.

Comment by Brittani on April 12, 2012 at 2:46pm

The most useful trick we have learned is push. He simply touches whatever I point at with his nose. This works well to introduce him to things he is scared of like the thigh master or flyswatter. He also knows target where he will touch and object with his feet or stand on it depending what it is.

Yesterday Clutch got his first harness. He did not like it one bit so today I got out the harness and had him push and target it (with a reward for doing it successfully) until he was comfortable around it. 

Most people are really impressed when clutch does a figure eight (around my legs). It was quite an easy trick to teach. He learned it within a day and was a master by the third day. 

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