Tucker the Corgi was sick and now Smooshie the Cat is sick?!

Well I started going a a new vet when I got Tucker and I have gotten to know everyone in the office in just over a week because I have been there or been on the phone with them almost every day!

Tucker had his meet the vet appt last monday - they said he is in great shape, very healthy and a tad underweight. (He is 28 lbs but for his frame he is a bit underweight) We had all the blood tests done and everything came back negative. He went home wtih a deworming pill (just in case) and he had no stomach upset from it.

Thursday he got neutered - they kept him overnight (standard practice there) and I picked him up Friday. He came home to me wtih a cone because he was licking at his incision. He was mopey and defeated looking Friday night/ Saturday but he had no problems and he was healing quickly. I had a topical spray for the area and pain pills to give him twice a day.

Sunday morning I gave him a pain pill in a bit of Peanut Butter at 7am. When I tried to feed him at 8am he refused to eat. He pooped in the house shortly after which really surprised me - but when i took him outside right after I realized his belly hurt becasue he had more poop and it was mushy - but not liquid. I figured the meds bothered his belly and didn't worry about it. I fed him half of his dinner that night and he ate no problems. He also didn't seem to be in pain any longer so I did not give him pain meds that night in case that was the culprit. He was fine from about 9am Sunday morning until 3:30 am Sunday night. I woke up to him whining and came down to see what was wrong - he had thrown up in his crate. I took him outside and he had dharrhea - the urgent liquid squirty kind :( and threw up once more. We were up most of the night - no more vomiting but more diarrhea. Poor guy. When I wiped his bottom the last time (approx 7am) I notied a tiny bit of blood/mucous. I took him to the vet when they oepned at 8am on Monday. They kept him for the day. Gave him some injections of anti-nausea/anti-diharrhea meds and gave him small amounts of water and a few spoonfuls of food. No vomit/no diarrhea all day at the vet. Sent me home with some anti-diarrhea meds and instructions for a bland diet (tried go give me hills prescription food but I would rather give him chicken and rice). We got home from the vet and right when he got out of the car he had a small amount of liquid diarrhea - and he did again 2 more times Monday night.

It is now Wednesday and he hasn't had any bowel movements since Monday night at midnight - which is prob normal because of the diarrhea meds and the bland food. I am thinking his body is getting back to normal. I am still feeding boiled chicken and rice and he is eating enthusiastically, drinking and urinating fine, and is full of energy (even getting used to his cone). I was happy to see him geting better we all slept well last night. It was his first night with his crate upstairs in the bedroom and he was a perfectly well-behaved pup!

I woke up this morning to cat diarrhea and bile vomit :( It was my 10 month old cat Smooshie. She has never had dharrhea or vomited. She was a bit mopey when I first got up but she is acting fairly normal. She didn't come running when I put food down this morning and she usually does. (I have another cat too so I put the food down for her mainly). I called the vet and let them know about Smooshie being sick. I will take her in if she is still sick tonight.

Sorry - this has gotten really long but I just want everyoen to be healthy and happy and it is a bit frustrating. Can the cat have gotten sick from the dog?? Is there something I am missing?? Hopefully it will just pass but I want to know what is causing all these unwelcome bodily fluids!!

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Comment by Christiane on April 6, 2009 at 6:29pm
Poor Tucker and Smooshie. My sweet cat of almost a decade became depressed when I brought my son home from the hospital after his birth, so I think Smooshie may be nervous about the change. Too bad we cannot read them a picture book about getting a new baby brother! Hope they are well and settling in now. :)
Christiane and Tegwen
Comment by Amanda on April 2, 2009 at 2:41pm
Sounds like stomach flu picked up from the vet's office. Poor guy. I've heard some viruses can even be passed on to humans from animals so be careful and wash your hands. Make sure your pets stay hydrated-its the only thing you can do.
Comment by Amanda & Tuck on April 2, 2009 at 12:40pm
The name Smooshie fits her so well too - she is a little love bug.

Thanks Susan for commiserating. The past four nighs have been - 1)up with the dog all night 2) slept on the kitchen floor by the dog so I could take him out as needed 3) woke up in the morning to cat puke and diarrhea 4) woke up during the night to my cat puking and having diarrhea

I have a new theory on the cat. I moved Tuckers crate to my bedroom (was in the kitchen before) - maybe she is stressed about him being up there at night. She was fine all day yesteday and then sick again last night - and acted fine again this morning. She seems to not mind the dog but maybe she doesn't like him being upstairs in the bedroom.
Comment by Nicola Porter on April 1, 2009 at 4:02pm
Maybe there is a littly tummy bug around.
Comment by Susan Stanton on April 1, 2009 at 3:37pm
Yes, I love "Smooshie," great name! I have no idea if the animals can share their illnesses, I just wanted to commiserate with you and hope they're both better soon. My older Corgi, Bertie, has twice gotten severe GI viruses (or so we think -- we ruled out all other culprits). Both times, they began on Sunday morning with mild vomit or strange poop, so I put it down to something he ate in the woods -- and then got worse and worse. We sat up together all night (he's the only dog I've ever known who likes to go outside even to vomit), and like Tucker, eventually had those mucusy bloody stools that indicate how badly off the GI tract is. It's so scary in the middle of the night. But the doc checked for blockage, parasites, blood tests -- could never pinpoint a cause. And in direct contrast to your house -- my other dog never got sick! Whaddayagonna do? Bertie had to stay in hospital for 2 days on IVs because he was so dehydrated, poor puppy. But he's recovered fully -- and I hope Tucker and Smooshie will be soon, too!
Comment by Nicola Porter on April 1, 2009 at 2:46pm
Now smooshie is a funny name.

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