Update (Eighteen Days Worth, so it's Pretty Long:P)

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been able to sign onto MyCorgi, and it's been even longer since Ziggy has joined the family! I figured it was past due for an update! I wanted to do it more frequently, but things have been going a little crazy lately, and now is the time that I wound up having to be back here on MyCorgi:)
(Though I was on Facebook quite a lot--just that the hubsters wouldn't allow me on this particular site, because of some security stuff.. I was going nuts, I love coming here and reading all about your guys' Corgis, plus I was dying to share about Ziggy---I finally have a Corgi, now I need gush time!:D What better place than here, my most favorite online site I've ever had the privilege of stumbling across!)
Okay, everything is a little jumbled here with all that's been happening, so I'm probably not going to be able to remember everything I want to say right now, but I'll either update or edit this as I remember, or maybe I'll just make another post-it doesn't seem to be a bad thing, telling Corgi stories extremely often on this site!
So first off let me start off with: We've finally moved! We are in our own place, and it's pretty cool, but at the same time I am having a pretty hard time dealing with the drastic change. I mean, don't get me wrong I am happy to be free of parental bossiness, but it feels really weird and empty here, and like there is no order to life which is kinda scary:P
  Anyhow, when we first moved, the last trip over was when we were planning to bring home Skittles, Ziggy's kitty brother.. Well, it didn't turn out so well--last trip over, he got out of the house and we couldn't find him-didn't help that my grandfather was the one driving, and you can't make him wait, he gets huffy, so we had to leave him behind. I felt SO TERRIBLE about this, because before he had gotten out, he had ran up to our bedroom (where we and he spent all of our time) and saw that it was empty-he looked seriously confused and didn't know what to do with himself, must have turned in circles a million times. Then we leave. Well, my mom was supposed to bring him the next day, but he got out again before she could catch him.. And another day, another, another.. About a week went by before we FINALLY were able to go back to where she lives and catch him ourselves-and he was SO relieved, he wouldn't stop loving on us and purring really loud, something that he hadn't allowed us to do since my mom got another male cat, months back. (And now that he is here, other kitty free, he is actingg JUST LIKE A KITTEN again! He plays, he wrestles, he cuddles, kisses, snuggles, all of it again. It feels GREAT to have my old Skittles back.) I guess that while we were gone, he kept going up to our room and howling.. I feel so bad, he must have thought that we abandoned him:(
Now, I'm not sure if it's because Ziggy got too used to being the only pet in that short amount of time, but he has lunged at Skittles twice now and growled at him a few more--not something I am too entirely concerned about, because he only acts like he is a killer. Of course, you can't be too careful, so we make sure that when it starts, it stops RIGHT THEN. It was working really well, hadn't had a problem.. But now it's Skittles who is acting out. Jealousy seems to have a big part of it, too. Whenever I love on Ziggy, we get the death glare from Skiski.. Skittles now tries to claw Ziggy when he walks over to me, but we don't let him do that either, and lucky for Ziggy, even if Skiski managed to get his paw across Ziggy's face, he is declawed in the front.
Sigh.. It's frustrating, because sometimes they seem to get along GREAT (See? vvvv)

Now, onto better news: before I was stressing over Ziggy not liking me, not being interested. I was so scared that he was too lazy or maybe even depressed from being moved around so much to want to have anything to do with me-nope! It really was that he's taking his time settling in. He finally will greet me at the door now, excited to the point of running around not knowing what to do, and even shaking and making impatient noises until I have my bike put away and am on the floor cuddling him! The first time he did this, I wanted to cry I was so happy, it was so unexpected. I had been tired from biking and carrying a 50+lbs backpack almost half way home (poor hubsters did it for the majority of the time, but it was so far and sooooo heavy-I wanted to help:)) and when I had to trudge my bike up the stairs, that was it. It was the last of my energy-we hadn't eaten yet that day, either and it was after four. We were pooped. Soon as I saw that from Ziggy, I felt perfectly normal, better than normal. I felt happy and energized. I don't feel that way very often, poor sleeping schedule, poor diet, etc.. I usually tough through my days with either a headache or a stomach ache, or something equally obnoxious. (I don't know why I let myself get that way, I just don't think about it I guess:P) but no. Here was Ziggy happy to see me, and I couldn't feel anything except an overdose of joy.. He even almost jumped up on me, but he twisted away at the last second. He did run after me, and chase me though:) Which was amazing, I didn't think I would ever see him run!:P It's been getting better too.  The last time we went out and came back, after he snorted around excitedly, he snuggled my leg:) It feels great. I love it. I don't think I will ever clarify myself as a "cat person" again. (I love my Skittles, but to be perfectly honest, he is more dog than cat haha.. I just lucked out with him:P)
Oh, I have switched Ziggy's food from homemade, to Eukanuba Salmon and Rice Formula for large breed dogs and he is doing SO MUCH BETTER. (A HUGE thank you to Melissa, Franklin's mom, for that-I would have kept him on his homemade diet otherwise, figuring that fresh ingredients would be better period over any kind of kibble.. Turns out that if you don't actually know what you're doing, you shouldn't bother:P) He has more energy, his stool went from looking loose and mushy with a green tint to firm and brown-not to mention that he is actually going now, usually twice a day!:D Ziggy also gets one to two peanut butter covered fingers a day, depending on how hard he tries to sucker me into it:P (I can't help myself, his face lights up like a kid's on Christmas morning!:P)

Today we haven't gone on a walk yet, but it will happen, haven't skipped a day since we moved:D I need to brush him more frequently, though-Corgi fur is ALL OVER our house. I don't mind, to my it's just a part of having Ziggy, but hubby doesn't care for it at all still. It's very funny sometimes, hair is showing up in things like our drinks, drinks that weren't anywhere near Ziggy, nor below anything that would have his fur on it. I adore it. I never want to not be covered in Corgi fur again lol. (Well.. When going out maybe, because it looks pretty silly when I am wearing my favorite pair of lower body covers and I have so much on me that it looks like his fur is basically my leg hair:P)
Oh, I almost forgot to mention-Ziggy has already given me a pretty bad scare-it didn't last very long and nothing came out of it other than the lesson of being extra careful opening doors, but it happened and my heart was up in my throat! We stopped by Costco one of the times that we were driving back and forth between our new place. When we came back out, I opened the car door, and Ziggy jumped out and moved pretty quickly, almost ran out in front of a huge truck-luckily, I was able to move faster than I usually can (I usually take a while to process things, don't notice that they're happening until after it's pretty much over if it's something quick.) and was able to grab him, but gee, I was SCARED! The Costco here is off of a particularly busy and fast road, so that was even scarier for me.
On a side note, I am having some trouble. I found his original owner's Facebook, and I've been dying to know more about Ziggy, where he came from, etc.. But I'm scared to message her. I don't know anything about her, and I don't know what kind of person she is, so it scares me. My brother's dad once was asked to watch a friend's Pit Bull, and she never came back for him--until six years down the road, when my mom and I were living with him, and Rae (the Pit) was already a part of our family. She tracked us down and randomly showed up on our door step, wanting him back--I would rather not have to deal with that:( (We of course kept Rae, which the girl cried over, but it wouldn't have been fair to any of our family, including Rae.) Of course, I wouldn't give Ziggy back either--but he is chipped in her name, as when I tried to contact Avid, they told me that I would need to send in adoption papers to get it switched over. I don't have adoption papers:/ Any suggestions? If I did get into contact with her, since he is registered in her name, can she take him back if she wants? If that's the case, I am just leaving it as is.
Also, I've mentioned it before, but Ziggy is giving me greif about walks. If he doesn't know where we are, it's not a very big deal, but if he does, he will not stop trying to pull me back to our house. I've gotten to the point of where I just walk and he either gets dragged or he walks too. (Don't worry, I wouldn't continuously drag him, I just do it a little and he catches on---but then he does it again... It's very frustrating.) Also while on the subject of walking, people irritate me-I was bringing Ziggy back through our apartment's parking place and such and this guy lets his dog out-NO LEASH. HELLO. Even if your dog IS friendly, you live in an APARTMENT COMPLEX with OTHER DOGS who MAY NOT BE FRIENDLY. Not to mention his dog scared poor Ziggy half to death-the other dog charged out and was trying to rough house with him (I got right in between them and was holding the other dog back by the chest, though) and poor Ziggy collapsed onto the ground, shaking like "DON'T HURT MEEE." The owner was nice, the dog was nice, but I was just as scared as Ziggy at first---you can't have vicious dogs here, and I've seen Ziggy air bite, which I know he wouldn't actually harm anyone or anything, but to an onlooker, he would look pretty aggressive, which could get our privilege of having him here revoked, as was in the contract we had to sign.
Ahhh! I was right, there is a lot that I can't remember to post in here, but I do have one more bit of information on Ziglet, and it's cute so I figured I would end it off on a good note--since moving into our apartment, it's become obvious that Ziggy HATES the stairs leading up to home. (Hasn't had to climb them once, I carry him, spoiled baby.) EVERY time we get back from a walk, he tries to cheat going anywhere near the stairs at all--doesn't like to be picked up too much either,--and I swear he thinks that if he believes hard enough, that the downstairs neighbor's (directly below us) door will be our door, and he won't have to deal with anything stair related! "Sorry pooch," I tell him, "maybe next time."

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Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on February 28, 2012 at 4:35pm

Emily & Scout Haha, I kinda wish Ziggy would bug me about it, because I need to start taking him out AS SOON AS I WAKE UP to go potty, but he doesn't act like he has to go and because of that, I just wait a while, so that I don't have to get dressed right away, as we live in an apartment complex and I can't be running around indecent xD Scout seems like good motivation!

That is funny that you had a cat named Skittles:) I'm sorry that she got hit though:( My hubster was out for a late night walk and he happened to be right next to a cat that was running across the street when a car came barreling over a hill and hit the cat:( He saw it all, and he heard it and the poor cat didn't die on impact, and it was REALLY messed up I guess.. He didn't know what to do so he came home and then he felt he couldn't just leave the poor thing out there to suffer (it WAS going to die, there was no question about that..) He was going to put it out of it's misery, but before he got to, it already passed. After that, we stopped letting Skittles out for a while-but my mom wouldn't stop letting him out when she saw him downstairs, which really irritated me. So we made a deal, that he couldn't go out at night. Now he doesn't get to go out at all since we are in our own place:P I feel rotten because he is clearly bored, but it settles my mind. We're going to invest in a cat tree and a bunch of kitty toys though!

That's funny, my aunt has a dog (used to be mine when I was a kid, but my grandparents gave her to my aunt to be on the farm because she was super energetic and would dig holes in their yard. Sigh.) named Makenna and she has like over 30 cats (and probably 20 other dogs.. And Four or five horses.. And maybe ten llamas.. few chickens.. LOL) and ALL OF the cats LOVE Makenna because she chews on them in just the right way xD Every time she is laying down, there are at least four cats snuggled against her within minutes. Cats are frustrating! Very elusive little buggers haha.

I would like to get him to go out to my aunt's with me someday, because all of her dogs are dog friendly as they all live with so many others.. But they are nosy and will want to be up in Ziggy's face until he's been thoroughly inspected-and I'm not sure Ziggy could handle that in an okay way. 

Sigh. I don't know, I'll figure something out!:D 

Comment by Emily & Scout on February 27, 2012 at 9:04am

Glad Ziggy is settling in.  They are a good motivation to walk.  I was kind of lazy for a while but Scout loves walking so much that she EXPECTS it now.  I'll get home, sit down wanting to relax for the rest of the night, but she just keeps bugging me until I give in and take her to the park. 

I used to have a cat named Skittles too!  She showed up at my parents house one night as an older kitten (my guess is about 6-7 months old) and I took her in.  Unfortunately her roaming ways were her downfall and she got killed by a car.  Well, now I have Swarley and he and Scout get along so well.  She'll let him chew on her neck (so much hair I'm sure she doesn't feel much and tolerates it) and at least once a night, they'll run around and chase eachother and all you hear is the clicking when Scout runs on the floor.  Swarley did have the same experience your Skittles did.  I'm moving with my fiance and he escaped out the door during the move and I think it took about 4-5 days to catch him.  I left food outside every night and I'd come back to the empty bowl but no cat.  Finally, the timing  was right and he was at the food bowl the same time my fiance passed by the old house, and he brought him back to the apartment.

I'm sure if you expose Ziggy to plenty of positive experiences around dogs, he'll be fine.  Maybe find a someone with a senior aged large dog who won't want to be rambunctious and who will just be gentle with him.

Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on February 27, 2012 at 3:05am

Jen, Yuki & Ellie, Thanks, it's been weird:P I'm happy it's happening though:D I am indeed looking into taking classes, but we are waiting until we are more settled into our place, and when we have the extra $100 for the classes. (There may be cheaper ones, but so far I haven't found any!)

Melissa and Franklin!, yeah, I'm really excited about classes-it was one of the things that I was most looking forward to in puppy-hood:P I'm so inside the box with stuff like that, duh, of course I can still take classes with an older dog.. In fact, everyone says that it'll greatly benefit us both, and I believe it, thinking about it logically! POOR FRANKLIN:( I would be REALLY angry with her in the first place if I were you. I mean, really, I could understand if you hadn't mentioned anything, but the fact that you did and she went ahead and let the other dog romp all over Franklin is kind of gross-makes her character seem less than awesome. I hope Franklin doesn't have as much trouble getting back to where he was as he did the first time:( Ziggy seemed mostly normal, aside from the fact that he was more than willing to allow me to pick him up, which is something I usually have to pet him for and talk really babyish to him before he realizes I'm not trying to kill him. I think he just had a little spook. I'll make sure to get him around my grandparent's older dog, she's super mellow and friendly---and smaller than Ziggy, so that's a plus to start out on. I wish I knew some sweet bigger dogs, as that is what ran at us earlier. I guess that he has always had problems with bigger dogs though, so I don't even know if it would be a good idea to do this without a professional there, someone who knows what they are doing, you know? It must be kind of difficult living in a house where your animals don't get along-I wish that Skittles and Ziggy would get along all the time, I can't imagine them never tolerating each other. I was so scared that bringing Ziggy home was going to stress out Skiski, because he's always hated dogs, no matter if they paid attention to him or not, so I am at least blessed with what I do have! Awh, I just feel so bad for poor Franklin:( He's so adorable <3 Give him a hug for me!:P 

Sidney and Angie, It is funny to me when animals do such things.. I mean, not something that is encouraged, but I kind of can't help but smile to myself as it's cute. Shouldn't be allowed to go on, just because I don't imagine I would let my kids beat each other's brains out, siblings or no. But it's cute as long as no harm comes to anyone!:P I am indeed still getting to know him, and it's a bit weird, I'm not used to having a dog that had any human related fears before, or dog related even... But it's good because it's nothing that seems to be unfixable:) 

Comment by Sidney and Angie on February 26, 2012 at 11:53pm

just to let you know,Angie and my brothers cat fluffy are distant of each other.he will glare at her,she will bark at him and then he will either run or swat her.so sometimes i get after them.glad to hear about ziggy.seems like you are getting to know him just like he is getting to know you.believe me its been a couple months and im still getting to know angie:)

p.s.Skittles is so cute!

Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on February 26, 2012 at 10:51pm

What a great update. Glad to hear things are going so well. As Jen said, obedience classes may be just the ticket to getting Ziggy to walk on a leash. It may be that he is scared and wants the security of home, and obedience classes will teach him confidence and to trust you as his leader. And I COMPLETELY understand your feelings with the loose dog. I took Franklin to meet a potential adoptee on Friday and one of my stupid arrogant teachers ruined ALL the work I've been doing with Franklin for the past year getting him over his fear of strange dogs. The trainer at the school told her I had Franklin in our vet tech treatment room and asked her to please keep her dog on a leash when she goes in there so her dog doesn't scare Franklin and explained that we have been working on building his confidence. Well of course being the type of person she is she TOTALLY ignored the request and let her dog charge into the room off leash. I had Franklin on a leash knowing she would be coming in but wasn't quick enough to get Franklin away and her dog cornered him and jumped on him and now for the past 2 days EVERY dog Franklin sees he cowers away from :-( At the time I was upset at her for not following our simple request but  now I am SERIOUSLY PISSED OFF! It took so long to get Franklin over his fears and in one minute everything I have worked so hard for is gone. I hope Ziggy doesn't suffer any behavior problems due to this dog you guys ran into the other day. And it looks like he and the kitty are getting along great! After 3 years Franklin won't let either of my kitties lay on him!

Comment by Yuki & Ellie on February 26, 2012 at 10:30pm

Obedience class will probably do wonders to help with Ziggy's confidence and perhaps even his reluctance to walk when he'd much rather just go home.  :P  It's great to hear that you're both settling in to your new home.  :)

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