They are gone!

I stopped Innova Large Breed Puppy food about 3 weeks ago and started feeding him homecooked ground turkey with carrots, green peas and broccoli with little bit of garlic and olive oil. A week later I added Orijen Puppy Food. So now he gets delicious homemade for breakfast and high quality kibble for dinner.
He is not itching as bad anymore, only sometimes ears and chest, the eye bugers got a bit worse for 2 weeks (I was warned by a friend-breeder that it would happen at the beginning since I'm switching to high protein), but now they are almost unnoticeable. The black spots stopped spreading immediately and gradually disappeared.
Now, he still has a bit dry skin, I'm hoping olive oil would help. If not I'll throw some Vitamin E in there.
The stool has been perfect for these 3 weeks. No diarrhea upon switching of food as some suggested would happen, he only goes 2-3 times a day (versus 3-5 horse sized).
I haven't noticed any changes in energy level, Shiro's always been in the middle. Not too hyper, but loves to walk and run, not a couch potato either. These past 2 days we didn't go to our long walks (only 1-2 10 minute strolls) so he frapped a bit in the evening).
Anyhow, I think my dog has more balanced diet than I do. LOL. Which is OK because if something is wrong with me it's easy to catch early and correct and with dogs you never know unless it's pretty obvious.

This is a great example of how switching to no grain helps to improve health. I'm not saying Innova is a bad food, just for some dogs grain is a problem.

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Comment by christy fry on November 3, 2009 at 1:23pm
Yea for Shiro!!!

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