Aloha,  Wini went to the vet on Oahu and after she was sedated and x-rayed she was diagnosed with a pulled knee tendon and hip dysplasia!  The vet gave her non-steroid pain pills and the joint health pills.  They said she will just have to "live with it".  She has picked up a couple of pounds since her last visit and checked in at a hefty 36 we are trying to put her on a diet.  Boy is that a challenge!  She eats almost everything ....except bar.b.qued ulu.  (I guess that is OK since the ulu is all starch.).  Right now she eats 1/3 cup wellness kibble with 2 tablespoons of canned lamb Avoderm mixed with water and her pills In the morning and evening.  ( and whatever else babies drop under their strollers at potlucks;-) We call her the hovercraft...there is never a speck of rice or crumb left on any floor she hovers over!

She has been swimming a lot lately and not going on stairs.  We built a ramp for her to go in the front door.  In just 2 days she learned to use it and not use the smart.  

So its not good news and we are sad but if she can lose some weight it might help. The vet also said no puppies for her.  We were hoping to have a pile of fuzzy butts to cuddle and she is lonely for her sister that passed away a while back (cancer).  Kind of a let down for us as she is the only corgi here on island and there is no such thing as a rescue here or a pet store or anything like that. We will keep wishing for another corgi to add to our Ohana and in the meantime we remain so very grateful to have our wonderful, loving,sweet,fun and limping Wini.  We are blessed by her daily.  Thanks for the support.  

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Comment by Geri & Sidney on November 7, 2014 at 3:01am
Sid was diagnosed with Hip dysplasia when he was three, and he's seven now. He had FHO surgery and recovered very well with swim therapy. He gets dasuquin chews for joint health, and a couple months ago we added dried green lipped mussels and it has made a big change in his mobility. Those things stink like a tide pool at high noon but her loves them. He's got a standing prescription for rimadyl but he has not needed them. He walks, hikes, plays and competes in Rally competitions. With a little lost weight and regular exercise your Win will be just fine!
Comment by Linda on October 29, 2014 at 10:31pm

I hope Win heals quickly but I know those kinds take a while to heal.  I have not dealt with dysplasia in any of my dogs for which I am grateful.  Check to see if there is an acupuncturist that treats animals.  Max has a bad neck problem and the acupuncture has done amazing things in relieving the pain and keeping his neck mobile.  He's 12 and has been going for acupuncture for 3 years.  He chases the cats and loves to play fetch.

I will also agree with the others that keeping his weight down will greatly reduce the strain.

Comment by Judith Andre on October 29, 2014 at 3:34pm

Vicki makes a good point.  Hopefully the main problem is the tendon and it heals.  I have heard that since Corgis are dwarfs, their xrays may look bad compared to other breeds of dogs, but often they show no lets keep our fingers crossed that it is "just" the tendon that is causing her discomfort..

Comment by Vicky Hay on October 29, 2014 at 2:03pm

Don't panic about the hip dysplasia. Many dogs live to a ripe old age without much actual problem, especially if you can keep the weight within the "normal" range. Probably her limp is from the pulled tendon. I've had tendon problems myself and can testify, as a critter that can speak English, that it takes a LONG time for a pulled tendon to heal up. But eventually it will. Once it took over a year for an Achilles tendon to heal (boy, that was fun! :-/ ), and one in the wrist took several months. So be patient.

Meanwhile, take heart. My late German shepherd had hip dysplasia. Toward the end -- she was very elderly -- she did get pretty crippled up, but the vet said it was less from the hips as from the fact that she developed a body-wide osteoarthritis that affected every joint in her body. By that time, though, she was so old that she was going blind and she developed a form of doggy Alzheimer's -- at one point decided the shower door was the doggy door and kept trying to get outside through it. That's how old she was!

There are analgesics you can give the dog when it shows signs of hip pain, but hold off until you're sure that's really the issue.

Meanwhile, losing the weight is HUGE. You'll see a marked difference if you can bring her weight down to what your vet thinks it should be. It really does help a lot.

Comment by Judith Andre on October 29, 2014 at 1:42am

I'm so sorry!  I'm assuming the tendon will heal?  I know there are a couple kinds of surgery for hip dysplasia if you can afford it. Might be worth it since she is so young.

Comment by Laura and Tommy Jefferson on October 28, 2014 at 9:38am

All the best to Wini!! I can't believe she is the only corgi on the island! What a special little lady! :)

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