Venting, Venting... MORGAN.... Calming down...

Ok, so last time I typed, Morgan had dined on 3 of my shoes and my cell phone charger. We have since puppy proofed the room more, and crated him more too.

Well I take the dogs to work with me and I was taking a brake and reading my book. Mark comes by and I leave my book on the chair. Only to discover that he is also a book worm. He ate the corner of my FAVORITE book! The World of Pooh, it is a book made in the 1950's and I have read it time and time again. I love this book and I would have had this particular copy until I was old and grey..... he ATE IT!

Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting.... Calming down.....

It can still be read, but to me it is ruined. I am going to retire this book to the shelf and just feel depressed. I haven't the heart to get rid of it, I love it too much. But to read it I have to look at the teeth marks and that just hurts! He chewed my child hood. I was only gone a second and it was up high on the chair. I cannot win. I buy him toys and treats and love and this is what I get... It is not a teething thing, he was bored and decided to act like a prick.

Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting.... Calming down.....

And he ate Mark's flip flops he left on the ground. I kept thinking it is not the best place to leave anything because of Morgan but I let it go. Mark also tends to drop all of his clothes on the floor and his computer wires..... so I am sure he will be on here one of these days and saying the same thing. But that is my rant, I am on the verge of mutinee. I told Morgan he would "make a handsome throw rug so don't mess with me." He just smiled and licked my face. He knows there is no danger, no fire behind my eyes. I am upset, but I am not angry. What can I say, I really am a push over. I accidentally stepped on a snail in the rain the other day and out of habit I said "oh, sorry".... to a SNAIL! It is just my nature, I am polite and I feel bad about everything. A kids kite gets stuck in a tree I apologize on the winds behalf. So I cannot be angry at Morgan, I am stuck here, feeling sorry for my book. It didn't deserve to be chewed on after all those years of loyal reading and childhood imagination..................................

Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting....Venting, Venting.... OK I am done now.

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Comment by Derek on October 5, 2009 at 11:23am
LOL, thanks I needed a laugh!
Comment by Laura Jones on October 5, 2009 at 11:21am
well although not a child hood book if it makes you feel better my three little darlings cost me $49 in library fines for eating 2 books. Ironically mysteries about the dog show world. lol.
Comment by DR, Nala & Simon on October 5, 2009 at 10:18am
Oh Puppyhood, puppyhood! Our patience and tolerance get tested big time. Specially when after the crime, they look at you with "those" eyes. When I got Nala my ex gave me Cesar Millan's book, for me to read. Nala was left alone with the book on the floor, and she munched on the book. I guess that was her opinion of Cesar's Way.

Morgan will learn, and you will learn too. Don't feel bad. Paste a picture of Morgan next to the damage, with a note saying "by Morgan with love". Keep the book in the shelve if you want. Next time you pick it up, you can smile and remember both your childhood, and Morgan's puppyhood. A big hug for you, don't worry about venting, we all have gone through it.

BTW, when you feel better, you can post Morgan's crime along with other crimes in the "Caught in the Crime" group. Read through it too, it will make you smile. Take care.

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