Morgan really drives me NUTS sometimes...

Morgan was playing in the yard with his sister Miranda and my other family members dogs. My sister has a black lab and my Dad has a yellow lab. The labs are going nuts for this ball until one of them breaks it open and they move onto the other one. Well Morgan, having discovered a love for my shoes, decides to chew something else. So he eats the inside parts of the ball, the rubber parts. I catch him and take away the ball but the damage is done. He continues to play with the others in between bites of grass. I guess he wanted a salad to clear his palat. Less than a hour later he is vomitting up little pieces of rubber and a lot of grass on my carpet.

There is a reason why pups are so cute... to keep you from throttling them. I say it while smiling, I am not angry, just exasperated. Chewing my shoes, my cell phone charger, and cardboard boxes is not enough. No, he needs something else. I hope he learns his lesson from this one. Miranda did the same thing when she was a pup, but she learned after the first ball that it is just not worth it.

Most of the things he does it cute. Like if I take off my clothes from working and hop in the shower, I come back to them on the floor and he is alseep in them. Now, when I wear one of my old crummy shirts, it is because I know he will sleep with it for a few days. I am not sure if it is the smell or just because it is mine, but he loves to sleep on my clothes. All I ask is that he uses the dirty ones. I don't need a fur coat on my T's.

I love Morgan to death, I just need to vent. Sometimes I just wonder what the hell he is thinking. I know a tennis ball does not smell like food, or taste like it. The garbage can I understand, and I expect it. But I do not expect him to dine on Tennis Balls. Maybe he will start chewing on the outside of my car next. Who knows?!?

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Comment by Derek on October 3, 2009 at 12:45pm
Morgan has destroyed several leashes both his and his sisters. He will just chew it into little bits but not eat it. I refuse to spend money on replacements. His new leash is made out of fishing rope that I laced together to make a handle and I just took the metal clip from the one he destroyed. He always chews but he never swallows. That is why this last time was so weird. I also got a bunch of leashes and supplies from the local shelter. They use slip leads and so the leashes dogs are surrendered with are left for free in a bin along with any other items they cannot store.
Comment by Alex on October 3, 2009 at 9:57am
I'm glad to know that our corgi is not the only one acting like a vacuum cleaner.
Comment by Alice on October 2, 2009 at 6:52pm
I think Finnigan confuses toys with treats and he thinks they are both for eating. He never chews our things but anything of his own he will tear up and swallow. We did away with rope toys long ago and this past month we've had to eliminate stuffed toys as well. He can have a couple but they are for supervised play only. He'll have to settle for stuffingless toys the rest of the time and even then we watch for the squeaker to come out then the rest is all his. He won't eat the outside of the animal, he just wants everything inside. After being woken up by explosive diarrhea in his crate and vomiting on his bed, we're very careful with what goes in his mouth. I doubt he'll ever learn his lesson. :)
Comment by Derek on October 2, 2009 at 5:38pm
Comment by Jane Christensen on October 2, 2009 at 5:34pm
If we only knew what they were thinking!!!! I think everyone goes through this it's just some go through it more than others!

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