Today was another marathon/whirlwind for us. We dropped Brodie off at the vet early this morning to be neutered (and chipped), then drove into town to play the waiting game at the hospital with my mother. As usual, it took them forever to get the paperwork in order to get her moved. We had to transport her to a skilled nursing facility to see if they can help her with her confusion there. Barely made it back to the vet in time to pick up Brodie. He is definitely not as tough as Kadi--whining about any little pain. Kadi didn't flinch with her spay. I'm thinking this is good though--will be much easier to keep him from overdoing it!

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Comment by Ludi on March 16, 2012 at 8:40pm

Aww, hang in there Brodie! Many young men go through this very rite of passage. :D

I hope things pan out better with your mother. I know how the paperwork goes - it was a nightmare to get affairs in order for my grandparents, and they weren't even sick.

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