What we want in our next dog! Please advise

I cannot help but feel guilty for all of the dogs that do not have homes. We look at petfinder.com and want to adopt everyone. We have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi and a Corgi mix that we love very much. They are our lives and they make getting up in the morning less of a chore (except when it is raining, which it is right now).

Our small issue is we cannot agree on who will be the next member of our family. We have always wanted a Blue Merle Cardi and I really want a fluff since Miranda is one. But I want to adopt a dog from a rescue or shelter. I realize that the way a dog looks is really unimportant, but I have always wanted a blue merle. What do you think, am I wrong for feeling guilty, should I just buy a dog like Mark wants me to?

If any of you know of a fluffy blue merle cardi who needs a home, please let me know.

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Comment by Betts on October 7, 2010 at 4:12pm
On the other hand, most of us have color and breed preferences that lead us to select one dog versus another. I know that initially, I always preferred red and white corgis, and my first three were just that. To me, in a litter, the tris were almost invisible. Then, when it came time for this puppy, I found I'd really learned to appreciate the tri coloring, and knew that if I had to choose between two puppies, I'd lean towards taking the tri, simply because of coloring. Now, color still takes a back seat to temperment, but that doesn't mean you can't get both. Lucky for me, the entire litter that I was waiting for were tris, so I didn't have to make that decision.

But, I don't see anything wrong with waiting for a fluffy blue merle with the right personality, if that's something you've always wanted. Selecting on color and coat alone can certainly be a mistake, but with patience, you might be able to get all three. I think picking puppies is always a bit of a crap shoot anyway. Their personalities are influenced by their current environment, and when you take them out of that environment, they can definitely change. We've heard lots of stories of the shy retiring pup turning into a real pistol when away from momma. That happened with me. A long time ago we got a Brittany because my husband had always wanted one. I thought I was being smart and picked the mellowest of a littler of 15, because I knew Brittanys could be a handful. About two weeks after we brought her home, she was just as wild as the siblings I hadn't chosen. She ended up being a wonderful dog and we had her for 14 years, but anything I didn't want her to tear up, I had to put away, for years.
Comment by Derek on October 7, 2010 at 1:43pm
Corgis are funny like that, and that is why they are perfect dogs. My Corgi Miranda is the sweetest girl with my 2 year old niece, they are made for children!
Comment by Cindy on October 7, 2010 at 9:52am
Unfortunately, Eddie is my daughter's juniors dog so he will live a long life with her. He might be pushy, goofy, annoying and very frustrating at times, but that dog and kid are a match made in heaven. Funny, I got him originally for me, but got told he respects the then 9 year old more. Go figure :0) He loves me but adores the kid more.
Comment by Cindy on October 7, 2010 at 9:49am
I understand your point. And it would depend. Having known many people in drafts and competitive driving, they spend years looking for the perfect match. They look not only at the color and markings but also for horses that work together. Even if they find the perfect phyiscal match, if the horses personalities don't match, they will continue to look. Also note, many of these breeds have very few color variations. And knowing the Budwieser breeders very very well, yes they do breed for a particular look. Clydes with roaning are not as popular as those with the shorter white stockings, particular blazes. AND..... think about this, many of those that breed horses and are looking for something particular, will breed 2 dozen foals and keep maybe one. What happens to the rest?
So if someone came to us for a particular look and the temperament or the purpose of the horse didn't match, then no, I wouldn't sell. Just like I won't place a dog with a person simply because it has the look they want. Here's a good example: I've refused to place a dog to a person who would pay anything for the particular dog. They wanted him because he was almost identical to the dog they just had to PTS 3 mos ago. As much as I wanted this dog in a loving home such as theirs, I could not place him because I knew that they would demand that not only did he look like their previous dog but they would want him to act like their previous dog. I knew he was a different personality and that in the end, they would be disappointed. What good would that be for the dog?

I think it comes down to this, if the personality, temperament and the job the dog will have in the new home matches and the look also matches what the new owners want, then amen! But it rarely happens.

As a breeder, yes at times I am looking for something special-structure, temperament and in the case of Eddie, looking for a b/w female for him. Like I said, he's 4. I'm still not sure that the b/w bitch I have in the house is a perfect match for him. If in another 6 mos I evaluate her again and say yes, then we will breed them. But in 6 mos I think that nope, she's not right, then back to the drawing board we go.

Take your time, don't settle just for the look but if you have particulars that you have to have, then don't settle for less then the whole package.
Comment by Derek on October 7, 2010 at 9:21am
CIndy, years from now when you might decide to retire Eddie from your breeding program, someone like me would treat him like a king. As long as he is not overly dominent and gets along well with my corgi's he would be a welcome addition to my home. Just saying, I am not just looking for a corgi puppy, I love adults (I think my last dogs illnesses have spoiled me towards puppies in teh future). And it is no lie that I am willing to wait as long as it takes to find the right dog, I am 25, I have a lifetime! So I just thought I would throw that out there.

ps. picture a short haired brindle mutt covered in mudd next to your dog, that is Morgan!
Comment by Beth on October 6, 2010 at 6:22pm
By the way, I see you have draft horses. Very cool, by the way! Just curious: if someone came to you and wanted a particular color so they could have a matching team, would you dismiss their color concern as being unimportant? Because I know that even at the highest levels of competitive driving, having a matching hitch is very desirable and certainly people look for not only certain colors, but similar markings as well.

Comment by Beth on October 6, 2010 at 6:09pm
Cindy, I know where you are coming from but there is nothing wrong with dreaming of having a certain color dog once in your life either. Derek already owns, loves and cares for two dogs who are NOT the "dream dog" and does wonderful things for them. He is not saying "I will take any dog if they are a blue merle fluff, regardless of personality." He is saying 'I am willing to wait for the dog who has the right personality and has the look I have dreamed of."

I don't see anything at all wrong with that. Someone might need to cast a wider net to get the color they want on top of everything else, but I find it hard to imagine that in his entire life he will never come across a blue fluffy that is of a suitable temperament for his home, if that's what he really wants. We certainly have posters here on the board who waited for a blue Cardi and are fabulous owners who do right by their dogs.

If a puppy-buyer only cares about color and knows nothing else about what he wants in a pup, I can see why that would raise flags with a breeder. But there should be no problem with a puppy-buyer who is willing to wait for the right dog that has the right temperament and is the preferred color.
Comment by Cindy on October 6, 2010 at 5:10pm
Side tracked there and didn't finish my thought. I didn't get Eddie because of his blue fluffiness, but for what was underneath. I wish he weren't as fluffy and even though I might have found the right girl for him, if she ends up carring the fluff gene, then it's back to the drawing board.
But yes, keep looking. I've a few dreams too and realized down the road that reality suited me much better.
Comment by Cindy on October 6, 2010 at 5:03pm
See the muddy thing in the photo to the left--yeah, well, he's usually blue and very fluffy. Lots of people love him till they meet him and with Eddie, you either love him or he creeps you out. His personality is a lot like his dad's and that's one of the reasons I got him. The other is that he is so structrually wonderful and has a lot to add to my breeding program. Unfortunately, I didn't have anything to bred him to when I did get him. So at almost 4, he's been waiting for the right b/w girl to come along, and I think I finally found her :)
Comment by Derek on October 6, 2010 at 4:12pm
I understand what you mean, and I would not adopt a dog that looked great but I did not have 100% faith I could handle. And I would accept a dog that was not a blue merle fluff, that is actually how I got my 2 dogs. One is a fluffy tri that stole my heart and the other is a brindle mutt who was so sick, I almost had to replace the carpetting from his inability to control his bowls for 4 months.

I just have this dream of owning a fluffy blue merle, I have loved them for as long as I cna remember. Temperment does come first... well actually I have to change that. A new dog absolutely has to get along with my babies, I will not allow a dog to come into the house and cause fights. But it is like the christmas dolly a little girl has always wanted. You know the color hair, the dress, the attachment to the sentiment. It is the dream, the image you have had, and part of you is always going to want it. The blue merle is like that. And that is why I am not running out and trying to find one right now, I am putting out feelers. I contact my breeder (Miranda's original Mom) and asked her to keep her eyes open for a sweet blue merle, perferably fluffy and female for my family.

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