where'd he go and what have you done??????

The trio are at a total loss this week no daddy to be found not anywhere up or down. He went away to camp and play ,all the poor baby's at home must stay. =( every car must be him!!! hurry run to the door and wait !!! But it's not, so moping back to pout and stare . Mommy's the one to blame for letting him leave the puppys behind. Whens he coming home ?? go get him !! right now they say!!!

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Comment by Bev Levy on August 20, 2009 at 5:09pm
As I sat down to read this mine started to bark at a car going by because usually Daddy is home by now. As smart as they are they still haven't figured out that thursday is golf night! If one of us is gone for days we have to pull all the curtains because they wait at the door and bark at every car going by. They do like everyone to be where they are supposed to be don't they?

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