We had our first Christmas with Winston. We drove up to Virginia with him and he got to see snow! He took to it quickly. Even on our first walk around the neighborhood, he decided he'd rather hop about in the snow than walk along the asphalt with us. We wrapped some big snack chew treats in paper and let Winston unwrap them. He did pretty well for his first time, but after he had some help, he kept trying to look into the wrapping paper for the bone. It was cute.


What was really neat was the fact that Auntie Fidget (my fiance's mother's dog) is the first dog to really grab Winston's attention. When we go to the dog park, Winston is way more interested in the people. Before our trip and introducing him to Fidget, we had never even seen Winston actively play with another dog. Now, Fidget is an 8 year old Beagle who was determined to not like Winston. Of course, he tried his hardest to get Fidget to play with him. He stole her toys, teased her in hopes to inspire a chase, barked and growled and hopped around her, but it wasn't until the last two or three days that Winston finally managed to get Fidget to bark and growl and romp around the house with him. Which I caught on video a bit and will upload. Please keep in mind that Fidget has a HORRIBLE beagle-howl that she would screech out each and every time Winston got close to her. You've been warned!


Winston had some issues mastering the stairs since we don't have any in our single-story apartment. It's kind of funny - Winston can go up the stairs and down the stairs without any problem, but he can't turn around on the stairs. He has to go all the way up or down.


All in all, we had a great time in Virginia. When I get some more time, I'll upload the two videos with the regal beagle and Winston's snow pictures. He was quite dashing in his "smoker's jacket" and his sweater out in the snow. I was super surprised at how well behaved he was in the long car rides. He mainly sat in the backseat in his bed, just laying there. He didn't whine or bark or freak out. He basically took a 12 hour nap, lol. Now that we're back home and the holidays are over, I think Winston is happy and back to himself. Although, I do think he misses having a gigantic tree in the living room. :O


If anyone's interested, I have uploaded most of the corgi-related Christmas pics here, so feel free to look at them. A few more are coming soon!

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