My Sally is 3 and we rescued her at the end of December. She is scheduled to be spayed on May 10th. I am worried because she had a bad reaction when she had surgery with her 1st pregnancy (she was bred at a year old). She had 10 puppies and 1 died, but she tore her uterine wall and was under a long time. I plan on having the test done to be sure she can handle being put under, but am still worried!! She is just starting to do very well with us, not cowering or staying in her kennel anymore. Does anyone have any thoughts???? Wait a little longer??? She was in heat beginning of March and we would like to do this before she goes into heat again, I have been warned that she SHOULDN’T get pregnant because she wouldn’t make it. My husband just made a comment that this is going to devastate her…I want to do what is best for her and I am just not sure what that is!!!

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Comment by christy fry on April 29, 2010 at 2:47pm
I think spaying will be the best for your girl...and just have your husband drop her off at the vets so she'll be like my Mommy's my savior when you pick her up He-He. I dropped Teagen off to be spayed and Greg picked her up and for 2 days she wouldn't hang out with me but loved Greg because he saved her from the horrible vets office LOL.

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